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McKitrick Letter to Heartland

I wrote this to Joe Bast this afternoon. I am pleased to report that he replied promptly and agreed to take the billboard down. dear Joe: I just saw the billboards that Heartland is using to advertise the 7th ICCC: I am absolutely dismayed. This kind of fallacious, juvenile and inflammatory rhetoric does nothing […]

IPCC: “Fix It or Fold It”

(Steve: Here is Ross’ excellent op ed on the IPCC from National Post. Ross’ paper is here.)

A Somewhat Late Response to Schneider

(This post is by Ross.) Eight years ago, in October 2003, Stephen Schneider wrote email 0020.txt to Annie Petsonk of Environmental Defense, cc’ing to Mann, Hegerl, Overpeck, Briffa, Hughes, MacCracken, Jones, Bradley, Santer, Thompson, Mosley-Thompson, Crowley, Trenberth, Osborn, Wigley and a couple others.  The email stated, in part, the following ([sic] wherever appropriate).  Hello all. Ah […]


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