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Revkin on the Hansen Fiasco

Andrew Revkin of the New York Times writes here in a compacted story. Me versus Jor-El. I spent quite a bit of time saying that the errors mattered a lot at the individual station level and were “significant” for U.S. temperature. For example, consider this page at NASA which shows a comparison between temperatures by […]

Steve interviewed on BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme

The interview is here starting at 17:40 (just move the scrollbar to around 17:30, you don’t have to wait!). The interview is obviously edited, but Steve manages to make some clear points.

CTV News

The 6 pm promo for the 11pm CTV news (a Canadian national network) featured – guess who. You’ll recognize some graphics. The 11pm news is online here (only up to yesterday at present – I’m not sure whether they stream it at 11 pm or whether it’s just an archive.) I’m on at the very […]


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