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Gavin’s “Mystery Man” Revealed

On Monday, Feb 2, Gavin Schmidt explained some “ethics” to realclimate readers as follows: [Response: People will generally credit the person who tells them something. BAS were notified by people Sunday night who independently found the Gill/Harry mismatch. SM could have notified them but he didn’t. My ethical position is that it is far better […]

Gavin’s Mystery Man

On Sunday, Feb 1 at 4:41 pm Eastern (3:41 blog time), I published a post describing West Antarctic stations. In that post, I observed that there was a very limited amount of station data (6 stations) in the West Antarctica area re-interpreted by Steig et al, that one of the stations (Harry AWS) had an […]

Dirty Harry 4: When Harry Met Gill

Yesterday, I noted that Steig had criticised previous developers of Antarctic gridded temperature data for not having “paid much attention” to West Antarctica (e.g. the NASA GISS trend map left the area blank due to lack of data meeting their quality standards) and reproached his predecessors (including, it seems, even Hansen) for “calculating with their […]

West Antarctic Stations

As noted yesterday, the main enterprise of Steig et al is a re-interpretation of West Antarctica, saying that “no one really has paid much attention to” this area in the past and saying that their study improved over prior studies because previously: “People were calculating with their heads instead of actually doing the math,” said […]

Steig versus Hansen

In Dec 2004, Steig and Schmidt wrote The Antarctic Peninsula, site of the now-defunct Larsen-B ice shelf, has warmed substantially. On the other hand, the few stations on the continent and in the interior appear to have cooled slightly (Doran et al, 2002; GISTEMP). At first glance this seems to contradict the idea of “global” […]

Steig’s Silence

Once upon a time, in the mists of time (Feb 2008), long before climate scientists had “moved on”, realclimate featured a post entitled Antarctica is Cold? Yeah, We Knew That, in which Spencer Weart, as noted by Pielke Jr, observed: . . . we often hear people remarking that parts of Antarctica are getting colder, […]

Antarctic RegEM

Image by mark van de wouw via Flickr For discussion of new study. by Steig (Mann) et al 2009. Data: Data sets used in this study include the READER and AWS data from the British Antarctic Survey. SI Tables 1 and 2 provide listings. They leave out station identifications (a practice that “peer” reviewers, even […]


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