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Richey et al 2007 and Cariaco

A recent study, Richey et al 2007, showed a warm MWP in the Pigmy Basin, Gulf of Mexico. Julie Richey made an effective presentation at the AGU Session showing an elevated MWP from her foram studies and, together with Alicia Newton who made a similar presentation, had Mann gnashing his teeth. In a chat afterwards, […]

David Black, Cariaco and Prompt Archiving

David Black and associates have just (Oct 2007) published a new paper showing a reconstruction of SST from Cariaco sediments using Mg-Ca for the period 1221-1990 (thanks to Eduardo Zorita for alerting me to the study.) In this case, I am happily able to report that the relevant data was archived at WDCP contemporary with […]

Juckes and the David Black Condemnation

I’ve written on several occasions about Juckes’ use of cold water G Bulloides as a supposed temperature proxy (following Moberg’s equally indefensible use of this proxy.) It has come to my attention that a leading specialist, David Black of the University of Akron, had already issued a scathing denunciation of Juckes’ use of G Bulloides […]


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