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Cicerone at the AAAS

The AAAS conference is starting this week in San Diego. A special session has been convened by Cicerone to discuss Climategate – Friday, February 19, 2010: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM, Room 6F (San Diego Convention Center). The abstract for the session is: Past controversies over historical climate trends and access to research data resurfaced in 2009 […]

Cicerone Then and Now

Ralph Cicerone, President of the US National Academy of Sciences, has weighed in on the CRU and data sharing controversies – he’s now in favor of data sharing. While it’s nice that he’s seen the light, he has previously (in best Sir Humphrey style) manipulated the NAS panel terms of reference to avoid having to […]

GAO Report on Data Sharing in Climate Science

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report as requested by the House Energy and Commerce Committee last year on data sharing in climate. The full report is here. The Republican press release is here . There are no signs that Lonnie Thompson will be required to archive his Dunde ice core sample […]

Cicerone of NAS Acquiesces in Data Obstruction

Lonnie Thompson’s work is prominently cited by Al Gore, was cited by the NAS panel of Surface Temperature Reconstructions and is used both in temperature reconstructions and in articles arguing that there was no MWP. One of the remarkable aspects of Thomspon’s corpus is both that the original sample data is unarchived – even for […]

NAS: Assuring the Integrity of Research Data

per inquired recently about obtaining a copy of Gerry North’s presentation to the newly minted NAS Panel on Assuring the Integrity of Research Data, which held its first hearings last week. Gerry North was appropriately the first speaker, as the new panel was occasioned by problems left unanswered by the North panel, although its terms […]

Reply from Cicerone of NAS

On Aug 12, I wrote to Ralph Cicerone, President of NAS, asking him to request unarchived data from various authors relied upon by the NAS Panel as follows: I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you during the most recent hearings of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As I have previously written to you, […]

Data Request to NAS

I’ve set up a new category at right entitled "Archiving" which cross-classifies many of the posts on data archiving and requests. A review from this time last year is here . Since then, I’ve had correspondence with Moberg and Nature, which has resulted in winkling out the other Moberg series (which I’ve yet to process); […]

Letter to NAS

I want to convey one more time that, while I’m going to criticize the NAS report and in some cases I’m going to be pretty hard on it, I think that they are decent, intelligent and knowledgeable people, who’ve tried to do an honest job and who were civil and fair to Ross and I. […]

Sir Humphrey and the Boehlert Questions

Yes, Minister was a wonderfully funny British comedy of a generation ago, (some info here and here or google yes minister humphrey) which featured Sir Humphrey Appleby as a senior civil servant (deputy minister) "managing" the Minister, his nominal boss, but who was always outwitted by Sir Humphrey. Each episode would start off with the […]


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