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Rahmstorf Rejects IPCC Procedure

Over the past few days, we’ve discussed many peculiar aspects of Rahmstorf smoothing and centering: incorrect disclosure; seeming unawareness of what the smoothing did; unattractive properties of the triangular filter; the enhancement of “successful” prediction; opportunistic policy changes. It’s not though IPCC hadn’t turned its mind to smoothing. IPCC AR4 enunciated a sensible policy on […]

Rahm-Centering: Enhancing "Successful" Prediction

I only have time to post a quick note on this interesting aspect of Rahmstorf’s diagram – how the centering of Rahmstorf et al 2007 interacts with Rahm-smoothing (now conceded by everyone except Rahmstorf to be a simple triangular filter of 2M-1 years) to enhance “successful” prediction. I noticed this effect when I did a […]

The Secret of the Rahmstorf "Non-Linear Trend Line"

Since the publication of Rahmstorf et al 2007, a highly influential comparison of models to observations, David Stockwell has made a concerted effort to figure out how Rahmstorf smoothing worked. I now have a copy of the program and have worked through the linear algebra. It turns out that Rahmstorf has pulled an elaborate practical […]

Rahmsmoothing and the Canadian GCM

Quite aside from the realclimatescientistsmoothingalgorithmparameterselectioncontroversy, another interesting aspect of Figure 3 of the Copnhagen Synthesis Report is the cone of model projections. Today I’ll show you how to do a similar comparison for an AR4 model of your choice. Unlike Rahmstorf, I’ll show how this is done, complete with turnkey code. I realize that this […]


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