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Richard Smith (2011) and the Graybill Bristlecones

Richard Smith’s new paper doesn’t mention Graybill bristlecones, but once again, his paper does nothing more than discover what we already knew – that Graybill bristlecones have a HS shape. In the process, Smith amusingly discovers a “divergence” problem with lake sediments Smith’s new paper describes the use of the methodology of his earlier paper […]

Richard Smith on PC Retention

Richard Smith, a prominent statistician, has recently taken an interest in multiproxy reconstructions, publishing a comment on Li, Nychka and Ammann 2010 (JASA) here and submitting another article here. I’ll try to comment more on another occasion. Today I want to express my frustration at the amount of ingenuity expended by academics on more and […]

Arthur Smith’s Trick

Look, I’m all in favor of verifying studies and claims. However, when I do this sort of exercise, I try to carefully quote whatever it is that I’m analyzing and to replicate their analysis as best as I can as part of the commentary. I quote extensively and carefully from the original study. In contrast, […]

American Statistical Association Climate Change Workshop, Oct 26-27, 2007

I just learned (too late) about an interesting workshop sponsored by the American Statistical Association this weekend in Boulder. The announcement last summer stated: The American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation’s preeminent professional statistical society, today announced it will sponsor a two-day climate change workshop featuring 20–25 leading statisticians and atmospheric scientists. The event, sponsored […]


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