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Journal Submissions on MM05

So far there have been 4 Comments submitted to GRL on our paper, including Wahl and Amman which is 4th in the queue, plus the WA submission to Climatic Change. Se we’re being noticed. The GRL format for a Comment is 50% of the length of the original article, with an equal length allocated to […]

Wahl and Amman #2

Here are some first thoughts. So far I don’t see anything in W-A that affects any of our results. Indeed, I expect that W-A is going to be very positive for this debate, as the points at issue are going to be narrowed sufficiently closely that any people actually interested in the results (as opposed […]

Wahl and Amman

Just got back from Washington a few minutes ago (I think that the presentations went very well) and saw this press release from Wahl and Amman. The points appear to be ones that have been posted up at realclimate before, which we’ve fully considered and, in my opinion, don’t lay a glove on our criticisms. […]


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