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Andrew Weaver: Libel Chill or Libel “Polar Vortex”

Andrew Weaver has been taking a victory lap following the recent decision in his favor by rookie judge Emily Burke. In previous commentary about Mann v Steyn, I’ve made some snide remarks about the competence of D.C. trial court judge Combs-Greene, either implying or stating that Canadian courts have higher standards. I take it all […]

Andrew Weaver Praises O’Donnell et al 2010

Reader David O emailed me: I thought you might be interested that today at 11:00am Andrew Weaver was on the Bill Good show on am980 in Vancouver. Much to my amazement Dr. Weaver actually had some kind words to say about you regarding your new Antarctic study. The Interview can be heard here. FF to […]

New KGB-Fossil Fuel Company Attack at UVic

Increasingly nervous about progress at Copenhagen, the KGB-fossil fuel network have intensified their pressure on Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria and climate modelers throughout the world. The most recent outrage was a laptop theft from an anthropology lab at the university. Breaking news from our correspondent at the University of Victoria, ground zero […]

Weaver Solves Climategate

Andrew Weaver, a modeler with the University of Victoria General Circulation Modeling Unit, has attracted considerable attention with his allegations that computer thefts at the University of Victoria were smoking gun proof of teleconnections between American fossil fuel interests, Russian secret agents and Climategate. Andrew Ll. Weaver, a modeler with the University of Victoria General […]

More Break-Ins at the University of Victoria

Disconcerted at being left out of the recent Climategate publicity, Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island breathlessly blamed (now here) recent break-ins at the university’s climate center on shadowy fossil fuel groups.  Weaver connected the break-ins to Britain’s Climategate, which IPCC officials have attributed to shadowy Russian secret agents. Weaver said that […]

Rutherford, Mann et al [2005]

Over at Daily Kos, Mann says that the Nomads (this is a new candidate name for the Hockey Team) have moved on and that RegEM, as in Rutherford, Mann et al [2005], is the new sheriff. At the end of the day, it’s hard to see how the RegEM method avoids any of the BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger […]


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