Daily Archives: Feb 9, 2005

Where's Waldo? #3

If you google "moberg climate" under News, you get the Nature announcement – but look at the announcement and the avatar:   Past climate comes into focus but warm forecast stays put Nature.com, UK – 4 hours ago – Fluctuations in global temperature during the past millennium may have been larger and more frequent than […]

Moberg et al [2005] #2

Moberg et al. [2005] was published today in Nature. It is an almost unique study because none of the authors are on the Hockey Team (although Moberg has co-authored with Jones in the past) and is virtually the first somewhat independent multiproxy study. The figures in the study are small-scale and the instrumental record is […]

The Updated Gaspé Series

We have focused considerable attention on the role of the Gaspé series in MBH98. While we alluded previously in MM05 (E&E) to information in our possession that the updated (1991) version of the series differed from the 1982 version and to our frustration that the updated version remains unarchived (see Jacoby #1) , we are […]

Moberg et al. [2005]

I’ve heard rumors that a new reconstruction from Moberg et al. is about to be published in Nature and it looks like it’s going to be more bad news for Mann et al. Here is a clip from a PDF posted up by Moberg in October 2004, but obviously not incorporated into the spaghetti diagrams […]

The articles that were cited earlier, have now gone into the National Post archive (where you have to pay to read them). However, the pdf for the English version of the Dutch article in Natuurwetenschap & Techniek (which is virtually identical to the National Post version) is at Ross McKitrick’s site at this link . […]

Bristlecone "Adjustment" #2

The bristlecone pine "adjustment" for CO2 fertilization in MBH99, while genuflecting to Graybill and Idso [1993], is completely different as seen in Figure 1 below.