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Long Instrumental Series

I’ve been looking recently at some issues in the post-1820 proxy data and re-noticed some things that I’d seen before but lacked my present context. Most of you are familiar with the CRU temperature series since 1850. Of course, there are instrumental series that go before that. MBH98 used 12 long instrumental series. There are […]

Bre-X: Is de Guzman Alive?

There’s a front page story, complete with an eyecatching picture, in the National Post today asking Is De Guzman Alive? I’ve posted up some comments on Bre-X before in connection with audit procedures, consensus, skeptics etc. at Bre-X #1, Bre-X #2 and Bre-X #3. De Guzman is the geologist at the heart of the salting […]

Geological Perspective #2

Bring the discussion of a couple of days ago further forward, here is a very interesting graphic from Ravelo and Ward [2004] showing the transition from Pliocene to the Pleistocene (read R to L), which gives a somewhat different perspective on the Pleistocene than just looking at the Vostok core back to 800K (although that’s […]

Climate: Geological Views #1

I gave a speech last week at my tennis/squash club on climate change (which presents speeches from time to time). I included some geological concepts that I don’t usually have an opportunity to talk about. The class of scientist who tend to be most unimpressed with IPCC-type climate science are geologists – which is where […]

Penetrating Radiation

I notice that there has been interest recently in the question of the difference between (shortwave) solar radiation and (longwave) infrared radiation as it affects ocean heating. Water is essentially opaque to infrared radiation, while shortwave radiation (especially in the blue wavelengths) can penetrate to substantial depths. realclimate takes the position that this doesn’t matter. […]

Wahl and Ammann: Some Verification Statistics

I’m now completely file compatible with Wahl and Ammann. In terms of my algorithm, I had to tweak the procedure for scaling RPCs a little, but the RPCs themselves were identical. It took some patience to reconcile differing data setups. I archived results from a complete run-through from their base case a couple of days […]

Wahl and Amman: More

I’ve done a complete run using the WA basecase using the Windows-modified script that I archived a couple of days ago. From the output of this run, I extracted the results of the AD1400 step and made a stepwise splice, which I’ve saved here together with the MBH98 stepwise reconstruction. This may be of interest […]

Wahl-Ammann: More Early Returns

As I discussed previously here, I had been able to quite accurately replicate Mann’s temperature principal components (the first 16 of which have been archived for a long time). Notwithstanding that these calculations can actually be replicated quite accurately, Wahl and Ammann calculated new reference temperature PCs using annual data on the basis that they […]

A small observation…

Realclimate have removed their links to Roger Pielke’s Prometheus blog, as a demonstration of their commitment to rational, scientific dialogue. Update: They’ve put the link back now. It looks like the tantrum is over. Just another ripple in the ocean of climate science.

Wahl and Amman: The Early Returns

I’m progressing nicely with the process of parsing Ammann. The correlation between our AD1400 emulations of the MBH98 reconstructed PC1 is 0.9993201!