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Briffa and Sodankyla Church

The old Sodankyla church was built in 1689. Nine cores from beams at this church have been measured and archived. Briffa 2008 used one of 9 cores. Why only one of 9? Your guess is as good as mine.

M&M Return

PNAS writes: Dear Mr. McIntyre, We are pleased to inform you that the PNAS Editorial Board has given final approval of your letter to the Editor for online publication. The author(s) of the published manuscript have been invited to respond to your feedback. If they provide a response, it may appear online concurrently with your […]

Phil. Trans. B

I have some happier news to report from Phil Trans B, which, unlike the International Journal of Climatology, has a data policy and takes it seriously. Phil Trans B is a science journal published by the Royal Society as opposed to a climate science journal published by the Royal Meteorological Society. Last summer, I reported […]

Glenn McGregor: Data Archiving not required by the International Journal of Climatology

After nearly 2 months and several inquiries, the editor of the International Journal of Climatology has finally said that they do not require authors to provide supporting data. Given that funding agencies rely on academic journals to ensure that authors archive data (improperly abdicating their own responsibilities), the moral of this should be that the […]

Gavin and the Big Red Dog

A few posts ago, I used the term “‘fingerprint’” (in quotations) in connection with the big red spot that one commonly sees in the upper tropical troposphere in contour plots of projected temperature trends by latitude. On an earlier occasion, we’d talked about Ross McKitrick’s “T3” ( here.)


Alex Trbek: Your Double Jeopardy category today is Iowa. Connect each quotation to Iowa. (Info Note: Jeopardy is long-running quiz show hosted by Alex Trbek.) For $400, please connect the following quotation to Iowa: You’re all doomed to perdition. You’re all goin’ to the painful, stinkin’, scaldin’, everlastin’ tortures of a fiery hell, created by […]

How Al Gore Saved Christmas

Obviously it’s impossible to avoid the old chestnuts on our TV sets these days. I saw the original version of Miracle on 34th St for the umpteenth time the other day, noticing something for the first time that is a sign of the times. The judge’s political handler, advising him of the political risks of […]


Merry Christmas to all of you. And to Mike, Gavin, Jim, Ben and and all those who have worked so hard to provide us with interesting statistical entertainment during the past year.

Downloading KNMI Model Data

Lucia has been experimenting with model data downloaded from KNMI and I thought that I’d try to experiment with this a little from time to time. Unlike Benjamin Santer, Ph.D. of the U.S. federal Lawrence Livermore Labs, who refused to provide any assistance whatever in providing the data used in Santer et al, Geert Oldenburgh, […]

Minus 60 (deg C)?

One of the interesting by-products of the GISS screw-up in October was that we learned the names and locations of quite a few Siberian weather stations – that are glaring “hot spots” on temperature anomaly maps. However, most of these places are among the coldest places on earth. One of them was Verhojansk, about which […]