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Checking in and travel plans

As readers have noticed, I’ve been tuned out for a few weeks. No single reason. I did a considerable amount of fresh work on issues related to Hurricane Sandy, but found them hard to reduce to a few posts. So I’ve got topics in inventory. I also had a bout of periodic weariness. I just […]

BBC’s “Best Scientific Experts”

There is an unusual story developing as a result of an ongoing FOI request from Tony Newbery, some excellent detective work by Maurizio Morabito – see discussion at Bishop Hill here. Also see context from Andrew Orlowski here. Several years ago, the BBC stated in a report: The BBC has held a high-level seminar with […]

Nic Lewis on Statistical errors in the Forest 2006 climate sensitivity study

Nic Lewis writes as follows (see related posts here, here) First, my thanks to Steve for providing this platform. Some of you will know of me as a co-author of the O’Donnell, Lewis, McIntyre and Condon paper on an improved temperature reconstruction for Antarctica. Since then I have mainly been investigating studies of equilibrium climate […]

“Olympic Mann”

There has been much publicity about Michael Mann’s claims to have been awarded a share of the Nobel Peace Prize. Somewhat overlooked in the excitement about “Nobel” Mann were the accomplishments of “Olympic Mann” at multiple Olympics, celebrated in Josh’s cartoon at left showing “Olympic Mann” in an iconic pose. In Mann’s lawsuit against National […]

BBC Radio 4 on Climategate

Karoly and Gergis vs Journal of Climate

On June 10, a few days after the Gergis-Karoly-Neukom error had been identified, I speculated that they would try to re-submit the same results, glossing over the fact that they had changed the methodology from that described in the accepted article. My cynical prediction was that a community unoffended by Gleick or upside-down Mann would […]

Gergis et al Correspondence

Michael Kottek writes in the comment section: The results of my FOI request to the University of Melbourne can be seen here: I requested all correspondence between the authors and the journal regarding the paper. The referees reports were exempted as were documents relating to the resubmitted paper. I also requested correspondence between the […]

IPCC Check Kites Gergis

A few days ago, WUWT pointed out that the American Meteorological Society webpage showed that the Gergis et al paper had been officially “withdrawn”. However, readers should know better than to presume that this would have any effect on IPCC use of the reconstruction. The withdrawal of the Gergis article hasn’t had the slightest impact […]

Two Blogs on Climate Sensitivity

Two interesting blog posts on climate sensitivity. Troy CA here and Paul_K at Lucia’s here. I haven’t parsed either post, but both are by thoughtful commenters and deserve a read.

AGU Webinar on Michael Mann

An Inside Look at the Michael Mann Case Featuring Peter Fontaine, counsel to Michael Mann and a leader of Cozen O’Connor’s Brownfield Development and Climate Change practices To join the meeting: • Please login as a guest with your first and last name. The meeting does not require a password. The meeting hosts will […]