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More Hypocrisy from the Team

Bishop Hill draws attention to the publication of Trenberth’s comment on Spencer and Braswell 2011 in Remote Sensing. Unlike Trenberth’s presentation to the American Meteorological Society earlier this year (see here here here, Trenberth et al 2011 was not plagiarized. The review process for Trenberth was, shall we say, totally different than the review process […]

The Team Defends Paleo-Phrenology

Hansen’s twin pit bulls, Tamino and Gavin, have launched into a spirited defence of Mannian paleo-phrenology at realclimate here, with a counter-discussion at Bishop Hill here.

The Team That Can’t Shoot Straight

Minutes after the Team announced its members, with Team captain Muir Russell emphasizing their impartiality, a commenter at Bishop Hill posted up an interview between Team member Philip Campbell, editor of Nature, in which he told Chinese radio that there was nothing to see here and people should just move along. INTERVIEWER: I think you […]

Muir Russell and the Team

A webpage on the Muir Russell Inquiry materialized today here. I learned of this development from Bishop Hill’s blog here. The work plan is described here, saying that they plan to operate “openly and transparently”. They didn’t mention whether they had interviewed Jones, Briffa, Osborn, but, from talking to an English reporter, it’s my understanding […]

When the Team is on the Move

When the Team is on the move, they can sometimes move with surprising speed, as you’ll see in today’s story. Over the last month, we’ve seen multiple changes to the Mann SI, at first, without any notice. More recently, they’ve started to note the existence of changes, though, the changes themselves are typically not reported […]

The Team and Pearl Harbor

One of the Team’s more adventurous assumptions in creating temperature histories is that there was an abrupt and universal change in SST measurement methods away from buckets to engine inlets in 1941, coinciding with the U.S. entry into World War II. As a result, Folland et al introduced an abrupt adjustment of 0.3 deg C […]

The Team versus Stott et al 2004

The Team (at both realclimate and NOAA) have stated in the strongest possible terms that the Holocene Optimum was restricted to summer in the NH extratropics. Reviewing their positions, realclimate here The [Holocene Optimum] is a somewhat outdated term used to refer to a sub-interval of the Holocene period from 5000-7000 years ago during which […]

The Team on the Holocene Optimum

Can we agree that the discovery of Distachia at Quelccaya dated to about 5000 year ago and located about 400-500 m above its present level is evidence that it was warmer at that time than at present at Quelccaya, Peru? Yeah, yeah, I know the argument that maybe Distachia is 400-500 m out of equilibrium […]

Douma Videos and Photos

In this post, I will provide a timeline of original appearances of videos and photos of the Douma chemical incident. There were two locations for these videos: (1) the emergency ward of the Douma hospital; (2) a small apartment building about 10 blocks from the hospital, where dead bodies were found on two floors and […]

Email Dates in the Wikileaks DNC Archive

Yesterday, Scott Ritter published a savage and thorough critique of the role of Dmitri Alperovitch and Crowdstrike, who are uniquely responsible for the attribution of the DNC hack to Russia. Ritter calls it “one of the greatest cons in modern American history”.  Ritter’s article gives a fascinating account of an earlier questionable incident in which […]