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Juckes and the NOAMER PC1

Subsequent to MM05 (GRL), the issue of covariance and correlation PCs as applied to the North American tree ring network was considered in Huybers [2005], our Reply to Huybers [2005] and the NAS Panel. It was also discussed in the rejected Ammann and Wahl submission to GRL. Juckes did not even cite the discussion on […]

NAS Panel #2: Bristlecones

Readers of this site are familiar with our concern over the use of bristlecones/foxtails in MBH98-99 and other multiproxy studies. The NAS Panel found in one place that "strip-bark samples" (which Graybill sought out in his bristlecone collections) should "not be used". They also reported that the MBH results were "strongly dependent" on "Great Basin […]


It often feels like shoveling out a swamp in dealing with the misrepresentations of our stuff. Someone over at Tim Lambert has said that I “originated incorrect information” about Mann’s CENSORED directory: So my original point stands that McIntyre originated incorrect information such as the idea that the data in the directory only has […]

Bristlecone Pines Again

Mann has recently provided some inaccurate information on his treatment of bristlecone pines.

BBC on "Hockey Stick Row"

Thanks to a couple of readers, who’ve pointed out both a discussion of the "Hockey Stick Row" and its inclusion as a question fo the week. The question of the week was here A row erupted this week over the so-called "hockey stick graph". What does this graph purport to show? A: The bending of […]

Errors Matter #3: Preisendorfer’s Rule N

In the last two days, I’ve argued that it’s insufficient for Mann et al. to merely “get” a hockey stick shape some other way, but that they have to show that any such salvage reconstruction meets the representations and warranties of MBH98 as to reasonably even spatial sampling, robustness, statistical skill and proxy validity. I’ve […]

The 5 Censored PCs

The first 5 PC series from the CENSORED directory at Mann’s FTP site are displayed.


[Climate Audit was started on Jan 31, 2005. Prior to its startup I had some notes at a prior website, which John A transferred to the CA blog at its start-up.] If 2 PCs are used in the AD1400 North American network along with conventional (centered) PC calculations, we argued in our Nature submissions […]