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Erice 2011

I spent the last week at the annual Erice conference of the World Federation of Scientists, returning to Toronto late yesterday. I’ll write some reports on this later as, unfortunately, I get tired too quickly these days. There was a session on solar, cosmic rays on clouds, timely in view of the CERN article. Svensmark, […]

Back from Erice

Got back from the annual WFS conference at Erice, Sicily a couple of days ago. It is an interdisciplinary conference on world issues, in which climate is only a part, but an important part. As in previous visits, it was a very enjoyable visit – the conference attracts a lot of spouses, resulting in more […]

Erice 2010

I’m off to Sicily tonight for the 2010 conference of the World Federation of Scientists, hosted by the redoubtable Antonio Zichichi. I’ll be a bit spotty checking in. I never did finish reporting on the 2009 conference as we got overtaken by Yamal and then by Climategate and the inquiries. I’ve got a better computer […]

Erice: The Feedback Session #1

Today, I’m going to give the first of a series of reports on the Feedback Session at Erice: I’ll try to do a post on each of the presentations – Lindzen, Choi, Kininmonth and Paltridge. I’ll also try to do reports on the presentations by Essex and Swanson in a different session. I’ll do a […]

Erice 2009 – A Quick Synopsis

This year’s Erice International Seminar was the 42nd. All recipients received an interesting book of memoirs of the seminars (edited W. Barletta and H. Wegener) from which I’ve scanned two interesting pictures (the pictures in the book were mostly recovered by Bill Barletta, an MIT physicist). The first shows Paul Dirac on the right talking […]

Erice 2009

I’m off to Italy for the next two weeks, starting tonight. I suggested that the Erice seminar of the World Federation of Scientists have a session on Water Cycle Feedback, as this seemed to me to be the most important scientific issue affecting climate sensitivity. I had a couple of motives for suggesting this – […]

My Erice Presentation

On Sep 2, I was getting ready to report on my trip to Italy and my presentation to the World Federation of Scientists seminar in Erice, Sicily, when I was rudely interrupted by the publication of Mann et al 2008. It will take time to fully parse the situation, but the main framework is pretty […]

Erice Seminar

In case any of you have been wondering about my radio silence, I’m currently in Erice, Sicily, where I’ll be participating in an Erice seminar, which I was re-working most of last week. We left on Sat night and it takes a while to get here. We stopped in Palermo on the way. My topic […]

Bob Carter

I was very saddened to learn of the sudden death of Bob Carter ( here here).   He was one of the few people in this field that I regarded as a friend.  He was only a few years older than me and we got along well personally. I will not attempt to comment on […]

Greenland Holocene Proxies

I’m going to Erice next week and will be talking about proxies over the Holocene, a topic that I’ve been studying for a few years, but not written much about.   In today’s post, I’m going to discuss Greenland ice core d18O over the Holocene and comment on very inaccurate commentary from Skeptical Science about […]