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Koutsoyiannis et al 2008, #2

Continuation of Koutsoyiannis et al 2008: On the credibility of climate predictions.

Koutsoyiannis et al 2008: On the credibility of climate predictions

As noted by Pat Frank, Demetris Koutsoyiannis’ new paper has been published, evaluating 18 years of climate model predictions of temperature and precipitation at 8 locales distributed worldwide. Demetris notified me of this today as well. The paper is open access and can be downloaded here: Here’s the citation: D. KOUTSOYIANNIS, A. EFSTRATIADIS, N. […]

Koutsoyiannis 2008 Presentation

Anything by Demetris Koutsoyiannis is always worth spending time on. Spence_UK draws our attention to this recent presentation at AGU asking: How well do the models capture the scaling behaviour of the real climate, by assessing standard deviation at different scales. (Albeit at a regional, rather than global level). Assessment of the reliability of climate […]

Demetris Koutsoyannis

I mentioned a few days ago that a serious discussion had threatened to break out at realclimate, where Demetris Koutsoyannis had posted up some astute commentary. He has recently dropped in here as well. I was unfamiliar with his work prior to this recent introduction. He has written extensively on climate, much of which has […]

More on realclimate on Cohn and Lins

Let’s look again at what Rasmus was saying before Gavin sent him to the end of the bench. He argued that Cohn and Lins were sucking and blowing by calibrating the autocorrelation on instrumental records, which themselves contained a trend. Gavin endorsed this position. On the face of it, this seems like a plausible criticism. […]

Cohn and Lins [GRL 2005]

Cohn and Lins [GRL 2005] , engagingly titled “Nature’s Style: Naturally Trendy”, questions whether recent trends in temperature can be classified as statistically significant, if considered from a more general perspective, including stochastic processes other than white noise. Some of the issues will be familiar to readers of this blog, although the treatment in Cohn […]