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Law Dome in Mann et al 2008

As mentioned yesterday, the Law Dome series has been used from time to time in IPCC multiproxy studies, with the most remarkable use occurring, needless to say, in Mann et al 2008. As noted yesterday, despite Law Dome being very high resolution (indeed, as far as I know, the highest resolution available ice core) and […]

Mann et al 2008 – Another Error Notice

In previous posts, I’ve observed my inability to replicate Mann’s verification statistics, the source code for which was not archived despite representations to the contrary in the original article. Mann has issued another uninformative correction notice (bearing the date Dec 1, 2008) which states: UPDATE 1 December 2008: Supplementary Figure S8a had a small error […]

Peter Brown and Mann et al 2008

Today, I’m going to consider the handling in Mann et al 2008 of 17 proxy series developed by Peter Brown and Connie Woodhouse. Peter Brown is an anti-CA dendro who made a few posts here last year mainly on this thread. He introduced himself by saying “I have little patience for your blog. .. Typically […]

Mann et al 2008 and GAAP Accounting

Let’s say that you were a partner of the firm North, Hegerl and Cicerone and charged with issuing an opinion on the financial statements of Team Capital Management Inc.(TCM) And let’s say that you were doing so in heady pre-crash days when markets were going up and mark-to-market accounting was something that the companies wanted […]

Mann et al 2008 Proxies

Here are 5 graphics which show all the Mann 2008 proxies in a consistent format, highlighting two periods 950-1100 and 1850-1980. My software only permits 300 gif images per gif-movie, so 5 parts. The graphics show nicely how few series actually have low-freq variability and how few series are really contributing to any HS-ness. The […]

Mann et al 2008: Korttajärvi

Larry Huldén writes: The Finnish lake sediments can not be used for temperature interpretations in the 18th to 20th century unless you know exactly the history of the regional lake environment conditions. We have 180,000 lakes in Finland. It is very easy to cherry pick among them and say that it is a random sample. […]

Mann et al 2008

Notice of a new reconstruction by Mann and the Team is in many press clippings today, citing a PNAS article that is not (as I write) online. Rather than clutter other threads, here’s a placeholder thread pending my own response which may take a few days. Update Sep 2, 2008 2:15 pm: Article online here […]

Was early onset industrial-era warming anthropogenic, as Abram et al. claim?

A guest post by Nic Lewis Introduction A recent PAGES 2k Consortium paper in Nature,[i] Abram et al., that claims human-induced, greenhouse gas driven warming commenced circa 180 years ago,[ii] has been attracting some attention. The study arrives at its start dates by using a change-point analysis method, SiZer, to assess when the most recent […]

Reductio ad mannium

The new article by Rahmstorf and Mann (see RC here) has been criticized at WUWT (here here) for making claims about Atlantic Ocean currents based on proxies, rather than measurements. (Also at Judy’s here)   But it’s worse, much worse than we thought. Rahmstorf and Mann’s results are not based on proxies for Atlantic current velocity, but […]

Andrew Weaver: It was “defamatory” to say that he called for Pachauri Resignation

One of the more startling aspects of Andrew Weaver’s libel case was Weaver’s claim that it was defamatory in Canada to say, even in an opinion column, that Weaver had called for Pachauri’s resignation or even a change in leadership at IPCC.   It was even more startling that novice judge Emily Burke found in Weaver’s favour […]