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Gore Gored: Monckton replies – Round 2

This is a continuation of the original post for comments.

Gore Gored: Monckton replies

Chris Monckton has replied to Al Gore’s characterization of his articles here. The relevant section on the Hockey Stick is on page 11. I know that Steve does not agree with all of Monckton’s analysis, so can we take that as read?

Monbiot v Monckton Round Two

As a workaround to the server configuration issue, I have moved the last 45 comments from the original Monbiot v Monckton thread so that the conversation can continue. This will mean that the numbering will refer to what it was in the orginal and not what it is here, but c’est la vie

Monbiot v Monckton

For those who missed this, George Monbiot penned his reply to Monckton’s two part articles here dipping his metaphorical pen in concentrated sarcastic acid. I can’t say I’m impressed with Monbiot’s arguments because they appear to be of the distinctly strawy kind. He does mention asking Gavin Schmidt about blackbodies (in relation to Monckton’s use […]

Christopher Monckton: Apocalypse Cancelled

Chris Monckton has started a series of weekly articles on the current state of climate science, including the Hockey Stick affair and Steve McIntyre’s contributions in that area, in the UK newspaper the Sunday Telegraph The Royal Society says there’s a worldwide scientific consensus. It brands Apocalypse-deniers as paid lackeys of coal and oil corporations. […]

Greenland Holocene Proxies

I’m going to Erice next week and will be talking about proxies over the Holocene, a topic that I’ve been studying for a few years, but not written much about.   In today’s post, I’m going to discuss Greenland ice core d18O over the Holocene and comment on very inaccurate commentary from Skeptical Science about […]

A New Climate Costumed Vigilante

A trivia question today for CA readers.


Obviously there’s been lots of discussion in the past few days about the Heartland documents and, in particular, the fake Heartland 2012 Strategy memo. I presume that CA readers are familiar with the discussion at climate blogs and elsewhere. I’ve been busy on other matters this week, but have followed the discussions and commented a […]

EPA Response to Comments

Lost in the Climategate events has been the publication of EPA’s response to comments on the Endangerment finding on or about Dec 18, 2009. Followers of the various IPCC gates will appreciate the following quotation from Volume 11 of the Responses: As IPCC Chairman Rajendra K. Pachauri recently stated: IPCC relies entirely on peer reviewed […]