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Tamino’s Trick: Mann Bites Dog

Self-described “Hansen bulldog” Tamino, writing at NASA’s realclimate blog hosted by Hansen’s other bulldog (Gavin), wrote: As another example, Montford makes the claim that if you eliminate just two of the proxies used for the MBH98 reconstruction since 1400, the Stahle and NOAMER PC1 series, “you got a completely different result — the Medieval Warm […]

Re-post of “Tamino and the Magic Flute”

Tamino’s realclimate post re-states points that I’ve discussed at length in the past. Here is a re-posting of a 2008 post on Tamino that deals with most of the issues in his realclimate post.

Ian Jolliffe Comments at Tamino

Ian Jolliffe, a noted principal components authority, has posted a comment at Tamino’s, which repudiates Tamino’s (and Mann’s) citation of Jolliffe as a supposed authority for Mannian PCA. He wrote to me separately, notifying me of the posting and authorizing me to cross-post his comment and stating that we had correctly understood and described his […]

Tamino and the Magic Flute

Tamino has recently re-iterated the climate science incantation that Mann’s results have been “verified”. He has done so in the face of the fact that one MBH98 claim after another has been shown to be false. In some cases, the claim has not only been shown to be false, but there is convincing evidence that […]

Tamino and the "Adjusted" Gaspé Data

Tamino, in his continuing effort to bring every one of Mann’s questionable practices back into the light of day, has stumbled into the treeline11.dat series, which he proclaims triumphally in his most recent post as having a hockey stick shape. This is none other than the notorious Gaspé cedar series, which was analyzed at length […]

Bilge in Tamino's Canoe

In order to illustrate a useful application of principal components, Tamino showed coordinate systems for the motion of a canoe. In the context of MBH, it would have been more instructive to show how principal components apply to tree ring networks than to canoes. In such a context,a non-Mannian centered PC1 will typically show some […]

A Challenge to Tamino: MBH PC Retention Rules

Today I wish to re-visit an issue discussed in one of the very first CA posts: did MBH98 actually use the PC retention rules first published in 2004 at realclimate here and described both there and by Tamino as “standard” selection rules. Much of the rhetorical umbrage in Tamino’s post is derived from our alleged […]

Tamino and the PC4

As noted previously, Tamino did not quote, cite or discuss how our articles reported key issues in his post – an omission that results in our research not being accurately represented in the record at Tamino’s site. I’ll discuss a couple of examples. It’s unfortunate that time has to be spent on such matters prior […]

Lucia on Tamino on Schwartz

Back from a very pleasant Christmas. A little while ago, I threaded an interesting comment by UC on Tamino’s criticism of Schwartz. As a blog management aside, I like having this kind of thread by others as it was a good comment and it was based on a careful analysis of third party literature. I […]

Behind the SKS Curtain

As a preamble and reprise, I think that it is reasonable for Cowtan and Way to take exception with HadCRU’s failure to estimate temperature in Arctic gridcells and to propose methods for estimating this temperature. At a time when the climate community argued that differences between the major indices and accessibility to CRU data didn’t […]