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The Times Atlas and “Y2K”

In the last couple of days, there has been much to-do in glacier world about an error in the Times Atlas on Greenland glaciers. See for example here here here. Unlike the authors of 1000-year temperature reconstructions, glaciologists seem to be concerned about things like using data upside down. As of today, the Times Atlas […]

Y2K Re-Visited

Long-time CA visitors will recall the events in mid Sept 2007 when NASA GISS made abrupt changes to US historical temperature data without annotation – a month after the Y2K changes. Some fresh light has been shed on these events by the NASA FOI. At the time, I observed: no wonder Hansen can’t joust with […]

FOIed Emails on Hansen Y2K

If anyone is wondering whether emails by U.S. government employees are “private” and “personal” – an assertion sometimes made in respect to emails at CRU, an institution subject to UK FOI – the answer in respect to NASA GISS appears to be no. Link:  Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained internal documents from […]

Crossword Puzzle #4: Re-Visiting Y2K

In my opinion, one of the main purpose of compiling the Hansen code is to produce intermediate versions to determine what Hansen really did. Today I’m going to compare the Step 0 version of Detroit Lakes MN (familiar to many readers from the Y2K error) as produced from running Hansen’s code with a current USHCN […] on the NASA "Y2K" Error

Here’s an interesting article on the NASA “Y2K” error from Michael Fumento of that steers between the over-reaction of some commentators that this error somehow disproves global warming and the claims of NASA spokesmen, James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt, that the error “doesn’t matter”. NASA spokesman Schmidt uses the website to advance the […]

Quantifying the Hansen Y2K Error

I observed recently that Hansen’s GISS series contains an apparent error in which Hansen switched the source of GISS raw from USHCN adjusted to USHCN raw for all values January 2000 and later. For Detroit Lakes MN, this introduced an error of 0.8 deg C. I’ve collated GISS raw minus USHCN adjusted for all USHCN […]

Hansen’s Y2K Error

Eli Rabett and Tamino have both advocated faith-based climate science in respect to USHCN and GISS adjustments. They say that the climate “professionals” know what they’re doing; yes, there are problems with siting and many sites do not meet even minimal compliance standards, but Hansen’s software is able to “fix” the defects in the surface […]

Detroit Lakes in BEST

In the 2007 analysis of the GISS dataset, Detroit Lakes was used as a test case. (See prior posts on this station here). I’ve revisited it in the BEST data set, comparing it to the older USHCN data that I have on hand from a few years ago. First, here is a simple plot of […]

Some BEST Tools

Here’s a major complaint about BEST now that I’ve looked at it more closely. If BEST wanted to make their work as widely available as possible, then they should have done their statistical programming in R so that it was available in a public language. And made their data available as organized R-objects. I’ve taken […]

Team Policy on Acknowledgements

After CA reported Trenberth’s lifting of text from Hasselmann 2010 verbatim or near-verbatim either without citation or, in the one citation, a citation that was inadequate given the lengthy near-verbatim quotation, Trenberth moved quickly to cooper up his presentation against plagiarism allegations by inserting citations to Hasselmann 2010, responding to each of the incidents reported […]