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more bender on Emanuel

Here is the (big) change in correlation as the Emanuel data are progressively smoothed, 0x, 1x, 2x. (Here I exclude the endpoints, which is what one ought to do.) cor(SST,PDI) [1] 0.5050575 cor(SST.1,PDI.1) [1] 0.6278249 cor(SST.2,PDI.2) [1] 0.7484223 Square those to obtain r^2. Here are two graphs of Emanuel’s SST and PDI, showing the effect […]

More bender and Willis on Emanuel

Here’s Willis’ most recent summary of the ongoing dialogue on the Emanuel story.

Bender on Hurricane Counts Continued

This continues the previous post which is overweight in comments.

More Bender on Hurricane Counts

Posted for bender. bender writes: Attached are analyses of Willis’s landfalling hurricane data in post # 35. Interesting facts: 1. 1974-2005 trend is "n.s." (Note 95% confidence intervals now present.) 2. PACs for lag 10 and 20 are marginally significant. (Recall that for total # hurricanes lag 5 and 10 were sig. It is as […]

Bender's Plot of Hurricane Count

Here’s bender’s plot of the number of hurricanes, showing the difference between plotting on an annual and boxed basis. There are statistical issues in fitting trend lines to spiky data like this, which bender is well aware of and pointed out in the predecessor thread. If Curry is unaware of these issues, what does that […]

bender on Gaspé

New poster bender has written some very thoughtful posts, including some comments on Gaspé which I I’d like to recover from deep in a political thread. The growth pulse in Gaspé cedars seemed very improbable to me as a temperature proxy; bender has some detailed knowledge on the topic.

Curry Reviews Lindzen and Choi

As per a request initiated by Bender, here is a critique of the recent Lindzen and Choi paper. Citation: Lindzen, R. S., and Y.-S. Choi (2009), On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data, Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L16705, doi:10.1029/ 2009GL039628. Abstract: Climate feedbacks are estimated from fluctuations in the outgoing radiation budget […]

Re-Visiting the "Yamal Substitution"

Reader Tom P observed: If Steve really wants to invalidate the Yamal chronology, he would have to find another set of cores that also gave good correlation with the instrument record, but indicated a previous climate comparable or warmer than that seen today. As bender observed, Tom P’s question here is a bit of a […]

Keith Briffa Responds

In spite of suffering a serious illness (which I understand to be a kidney problem), Keith Briffa has taken the time to comment on the Yamal situation. The comment should be read by interested readers. If Briffa or any of his associates wishes to post a thread here without any editorial control on my part, […]

Loso: Varve Thickness and Nearest Inlet

One excellent feature of the Alaskan varvochronologists is that (unlike, say, Bradley and his coterie) some of them show and archive their work. The Kaufman student MSc theses are good at this. So too is Michael Loso’s work on Iceberg Lake. Thus while one can raise an eyebrow at (and criticize) their statistical peregrinations, at […]