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Making Hockey Sticks the Jones Way

I discussed Fisher’s Greenland dO!8 proxy yesterday and thought that it would be interesting to discuss its particular function in hockey stick manufacture in Jones et al 1998. Each hockey stick is, after all, made by a master craftsman. The Greenland dO18 is one of only 10 series in Jones et al 1998. Let’s see […]

Von Storch: Hockeysticks, the tragedy of the commons and sustainability of climate science

Hockeysticks, the tragedy of the commons and sustainability of climate science. Hans von Storch – Director of Institute of Coastal Research of the GKSS Research Centre in Geesthacht. Professor at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Hamburg, Germany Panelists: Warren Washington, Caspar Amman and Doug Nychka, NCAR, and Roger Pielke Jr. (CIRES) Location: Mesa […]

The IPCC AR6 Hockeystick

Although climate scientists keep telling that defects in their “hockey stick” proxy reconstructions don’t matter – that it doesn’t matter whether they use data upside down, that it doesn’t matter if they cherry pick individual series depending on whether they go up in the 20th century, that it doesn’t matter if they discard series that […]

US East Coast Sea Level Rise: An Adjustocene Hockey Stick

In 2011, Andy Revkin wrote an article (archive) entitled “Straight Talk on Rising Seas in a Warming World” (among other articles on the topic), in which he optimistically sought guidance on the topic from a then recent study of U.S. East Coast sea level coauthored by Mann (Kemp et al, 2011).  Joshua Willis told Revkin “that, […]

The Ocean2K “Hockey Stick”

The long-awaited (and long overdue) PAGES2K synthesis of 57 high-resolution ocean sediment series (OCEAN2K) was published a couple of weeks ago (see here here). Co-author Michael Evans’ announcement made the results sound like the latest and perhaps most dramatic Hockey Stick yet: Today, the Earth is warming about 20 times faster than it cooled during the past 1,800 […]

Survivor Season 8: the Hockey Team – the Mann Overboard Episode

Well, back from Washington. I’m not very good at describing reactions and impressions and touchy-feely stuff like that; I’m more comfortable describing what’s different with the 53rd and 84th series out of 112, but I’ll try.

Hockey Stick Studies

MM Published Articles McIntyre and McKitrick, Energy & Environment, 2003 MM03 SI McIntyre and McKitrick, GRL 2005a SI McIntyre and McKitrick, E&E 2005b SI McIntyre and McKitrick 2005c, Reply to Von Storch and Zorita McIntyre and McKitrick 2005d, Reply to Huybers, GRL Presentations McIntyre, S., 2004, Verification of multi-proxy paleoclimatic studies: a case study, AGU […]

Spot The Hockey Stick #7: The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

I know what you’re thinking: Who, they? Me too. According to the website: IGBP is an international scientific research programme built on interdisciplinarity, networking and integration. It addresses scientific questions where an international approach is the best or the only way to provide an answer. We add value to a large number of individual, national […]

Spot the real Hockey Stick…

Here is a postscript version and pdf version of the graphic showing simulated PC1s with a hockeystick shape and the MBH98 Northern Hemisphere reconstruction. Can you find the “real” MBH98 hockeystick?

CG2 and Ex Post Picking

Jul 31, 2019: Noticed this as an unpublished draft from 2014. Not sure why I didn’t publish at the time. Neukom, lead author of PAGES (2019) was coauthor of Gergis’ papers. One of the longest-standing Climate Audit controversies has been about the bias introduced into reconstructions that use ex post screening/correlation.   In today’s post, […]