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InterAcademy IPCC Review in Montreal Christy’s remarks are at about 2:30. He mentions the proprietor of CA favorably.

IPCC Review Editors Comments Online

IPCC Review Editors have an extremely important function under IPCC procedures. In prior discussion of the Replies by WG1 Chapter Authors to Review Comments, we noted their unresponsiveness on issues that we were familiar with e.g. the deletion of the inconvenient post-1960 Briffa reconstruction results, the handling of the HS dispute. When the IPCC WG1 […]

Did IPCC Review Editor Mitchell Do His Job?

David Holland’s FOI request for the Review Comments on IPCC AR4 Chapter 6 (Paleoclimate) has been successful, leading to David obtaining the comments, such as they are, which have now been placed online at CA here (though not yet at IPCC.) David Holland’s request was noted up here; last year, we noted the appalling response […]

IPCC Review Editor Comments

David Holland has written in raising an excellent point about the failure of IPCC WG1 to release the Review Editor comments. In our examination of specific issues e.g. the Briffa truncation, the handling of trends, etc., the Author Responses (online through an earlier CA initiative) show that the IPCC authors often made unconvincing and tendentious […]

IPCC Review Comments Now Online

Well, here is a small accomplishment that I think can reasonably be credited to climateaudit. As we approach the due date for the NOAA FOI responses, IPCC has now put the review comments online. Enjoy.

IPCC Rejects Anonymous Review

Although the IPCC calendar webpage doesn’t link to session documents of the 34th session (Kampala Nov 2011), David Holland has alertly located the documents – see here. IPCC rejected a proposal for anonymous peer review – see document here (page 12 on). We haven’t discussed this topic previously (in an IPCC context). On reflection, the […]

IPCC Pads Review Editors

Ross McKitrick points out that IPCC AR4 Chapter 3 listed three Review Editors, one of whom was Bubu Jallow: On Oct 31, 2006, Kevin Trenberth (with Phil Jones, one of two Coordinating Lead Authors of chapter 3) wrote to IPCC protesting Jallow’s inclusion as a Lead Author because he did not attend any meetings, answer […]

Yamal and IPCC AR4 Review Comments

I was one of the more industrious reviewers for IPCC AR4. In my Review Comments, I made frequent reference to Yamal versus the Polar Urals Update, expressing concern about the rationale for using Yamal rather than Polar Urals, an issue that is once again in play. Keith Briffa was the section author and can be […]

Review Comments on the "IPCC Test"

In a recent post, I’ve indicated that IPCC authors seems to have invented a “test” for long-term persistence that is nowhere attested in any statistical literature and, if I’ve interpreted what they’ve done correctly, appears to be a useless test. Jean S and I have made a few references to the Review Comments on the […]

IPCC 4AR – Access to Review Comments

Last week, the review of the second draft of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report began. Some readers here are IPCC reviewers and may not be aware of the following provision of Appendix A to the Principles Governing IPCC Work, which states that: "All written expert, and government review comments will be made available to […]