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Judy Curry on Hide the Decline

Huge comment traffic at Judy Curry’s discussion of Hide the Decline here and here

Another Curry Editorial

Another good editorial by Judy Curry here. Dealing with a problem begins by acknowledging it.

Curry Reviews Jablonowski and Williamson

Jablonowski and Williamson is here. Judith’s review follows.

Curry: Thermodynamic Feedbacks in the Climate System

Judith Curry writes: I’ve posted the chapter on Thermodynamic Feedbacks in the Climate System from my text “Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans” on my website, the links can be found at Text: Figs: For my more recent thoughts on the subject of climate feedbacks, I refer you to my previous post on the […]

Curry on Landsea 1993

The following is from Judith Curry: Whether changes in the characteristics of tropical storms observed in the last few decades [1,2] are the result of only natural variability, due to climate change, or a combination of both factors is the subject of intense debate [3]. Central to the debate is the quality of the tropical […]

Curry on the Wegman Reports

Here are Judith Curry’s Comments on the Wegman Report. I appreciate these sorts of contributions and am obviously relying on such contributions (Willis, bender, etc.) more and more.

Curry's Comments on Klotzbach

I’m quite happy to publish other people’s criticisms of topical and semi-topical papers. Judith Curry has sent in the following comments on Klotzbach et al, (mentioned on roadmap), abridged by her from a previous post on the tropical listserv, responding to specific talking points on the Klotzbach paper that were posted on Gray’s website.

The impact of recent forcing and ocean heat uptake data on estimates of climate sensitivity

A guest post by Nic Lewis Judith Curry and I have now updated the LC15 paper with a new paper that has been published in the Journal of Climate There has been considerable scientific investigation of the magnitude of the warming of Earth’s climate by changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. Two standard metrics […]

The implications for climate sensitivity of Bjorn Stevens’ new aerosol forcing paper

A guest post by Nicholas Lewis  In a paper published last year (Lewis & Curry 2014), discussed here, Judith Curry and I derived best estimates for equilibrium/effective climate sensitivity (ECS) and transient climate response (TCR). At 1.64°C, our estimate for ECS was below all those exhibited by CMIP5 global climate models, and at 1.33°C for […]

Nic Lewis on Statistical errors in the Forest 2006 climate sensitivity study

Nic Lewis writes as follows (see related posts here, here) First, my thanks to Steve for providing this platform. Some of you will know of me as a co-author of the O’Donnell, Lewis, McIntyre and Condon paper on an improved temperature reconstruction for Antarctica. Since then I have mainly been investigating studies of equilibrium climate […]