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Gavin vs Kaufmann

I posted up on Kaufmann and Stern [2005] on GCMs a few days ago. Kaufmann subsequently posted up at realclimate here about this, with a detailed reply from Gavin. The exchange is interesting on a number of levels – there is an interesting statistical point raised. In addition, you will notice how quick Gavin is […]

Kaufmann and Stern [2005] on GCMs

I have much unfinished business with multiproxy studies, but am getting dragged into discussing GCMs, where I wish to make clear that I am not familiar with the literature and am merely commenting on individual articles as I read them in the context of current discussion. If I miss some nuance, I apologize and will […]

Behind the SKS Curtain

As a preamble and reprise, I think that it is reasonable for Cowtan and Way to take exception with HadCRU’s failure to estimate temperature in Arctic gridcells and to propose methods for estimating this temperature. At a time when the climate community argued that differences between the major indices and accessibility to CRU data didn’t […]

Willis on GISS Model E

Willis Eschenbach has done three posts recently at WUWT on the linear relationship between input forcings and global temperature output (here, here, here), with a useful contribution by WUWT reader Paul here. Mosher observed that Isaac Held has also posted recently on the same topic in connection with the GFDL model. Willis’ posts were accompanied […]

Say My Name – February Rerun

Science has published a Correction and Clarification to Kaufman et al (2009), see here. Since they only needed to correct four out of 23 proxies, there is no need to name those who pointed out errors. 😉 There is a small improvement over the draft version though; congratulations Hu! We thank H. McCulloch and others […]

Kaufman's Stick: Iceberg Lake Varves

In the first post on Kaufman et al, I observed that, like other Team multiproxy studies, its HS-ness is contributed by only a few series. As shown below, a composite of 19 out of 23 Kaufman proxies does not yield an “unprecedented” late 20th century (tho it yields an elevated late 20th century.) A composite […]

Jones and the Great Leap Forward #2

I discussed the China network in Jones et al 1990 which is still cited as key evidence against UHI having a material effect on temperature estimates (even in IPCC 4AR). Shortly after Jones et al was published, Wang et al. 1990 ( W-C Wang, Z, Zeng and T. Karl, Urban Heat Islands in China, 1990. […]

Re-post: To Browsing Undergraduates

Climate Audit has been considered – at least as a phenomenon – in a couple of courses. Kenneth Blumenfeld’s students had a different reaction than the Georgia Tech students. Earlier this year, I wrote a short comment about a post that Kenneth had made at realclimate about this, which I am re-posting in its entirety. […]

To Browsing Undergraduates

Our "blogfather", realclimate, has been celebrating their one-year anniversary (congratulations to them) and have been reflecting on their year. Kenneth Blumenfeld, who’s posted here once or twice, posted an interesting comment at realclimate, about how his undergraduates were now investigating climate change issues online, that they "very badly wanted to get behind RC", but wanted […]

GCMs and the Navier-Stokes Equations

Kaufmann and Stern contained a reference to the provocatively titled Govindan et al. [2002], Global Climate Models Violate Scaling of the Observed Atmospheric Variability, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, available here . I’ll comment at some time on the scaling issues, but it contained the following concise description of GCMs which I liked: The models [coupled […]