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Rahmstorf’s Third Trick

Rahmstorf et al 2015 Figure 5 shows a coral d15N series from offshore Nova Scotia (see left panel below). The corresponding plot from the source is shown on the right.  Original captions for both follow.  There’s enough information in the figures and captions to figure out Rahmstorf’s next trick. See if you can figure it out […]

Rahmstorf’s Second Trick

The Rahmstorf et al reconstruction commences in AD900 even though the Mann et al 2009 reconstruction goes back to AD500.  Once again, this raises the obvious question: why didn’t Rahmstorf show values before AD900?  Are these results adverse to his claims? Once the question is posed, you can guess the answer. 

Rahmstorf’s First Trick

In any article by Mann and coauthors, it is always prudent to assume that even seemingly innocent choices use up a researcher degree of freedom – to put it nicely. For example, Rahmstorf et al focus on their “AMOC index” in the period ending 1995 and show their AMOC index up to as shown below.

Rahmstorf Sea Level Source Code and Transliteration

There has been considerable recent blog discussion of Rahmstorf smoothing and centering, with attention gradually being increasingly directed towards Rahm-sea level. Last year, these topics were discussed online by Tom Moriarty here in a posting at his blog which unfortunately did not receive as much attention as it deserved. Following recent discussion at CA, Tom […]

Rahmstorf Rejects IPCC Procedure

Over the past few days, we’ve discussed many peculiar aspects of Rahmstorf smoothing and centering: incorrect disclosure; seeming unawareness of what the smoothing did; unattractive properties of the triangular filter; the enhancement of “successful” prediction; opportunistic policy changes. It’s not though IPCC hadn’t turned its mind to smoothing. IPCC AR4 enunciated a sensible policy on […]

The Secret of the Rahmstorf "Non-Linear Trend Line"

Since the publication of Rahmstorf et al 2007, a highly influential comparison of models to observations, David Stockwell has made a concerted effort to figure out how Rahmstorf smoothing worked. I now have a copy of the program and have worked through the linear algebra. It turns out that Rahmstorf has pulled an elaborate practical […]

Reductio ad mannium

The new article by Rahmstorf and Mann (see RC here) has been criticized at WUWT (here here) for making claims about Atlantic Ocean currents based on proxies, rather than measurements. (Also at Judy’s here)   But it’s worse, much worse than we thought. Rahmstorf and Mann’s results are not based on proxies for Atlantic current velocity, but […]

The Copyright of the The Copenhagen Diagnosis

Readers may recall The Copenhagen Diagnosis, a (so-to-speak) non-governmental international climate assessment published in November 2009 and targeted by activists at influencing deliberations at the Copenhagen conference. Because it coincided with Climategate, it received little-to-no critical attention at climate blogs. Thus, I suspect that few, if any readers, will (without peeking) be able to guess […]

More on the Iconography of IPCC 1990 Figure 7

As a mild break from Lewandowsky’s fake data and false results, I am going to revisit IPCC 1990 Figure 7, which I discussed in several Climate Audit posts from 2005-2008 – a topic that was raised at Lewandowsky’s blog by conspiracy theorist John Mashey, who, rather than confronting the problems of Lewandowsky’s use of fake […]

PNAS Reviews: Preferential Standards for Kemp (Mann) et al

About 10 days ago, we discussed the PNAS reviews of the recent submission by Richard Lindzen, a member of the National Academy of Sciences with a distinguished publication record. A few days ago, PNAS published Kemp et al 2011, a submission by one of Mann’s a graduate student [from the University of Pennsylvania]. While, in […]