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Bucket Adjustments: More Bilge from RealClimate

NASA blogger Gavin Schmidt has once again fabricated claims against Climate Audit’s posts on bucket adjustments. CA readers are aware that I discussed bucket adjustments on a number of occasions long before Thompson et al 2008, in particular, questioning the absurd IPCC assumption that all SST measurements switched from buckets to engine inlet on the […]

realclimate and Disinformation on UHI

In a recent CNN interview discussed at RC here, Joe D’Aleo said: Those global data sets are contaminated by the fact that two-thirds of the globe’s stations dropped out in 1990. Most of them rural and they performed no urban adjustment. And, Lou, you know, and the people in your studio know that if they […]

Publishing NASA Data at Realclimate

In 2006, Willis Eschenbach digitized Hansen A,B and C scenarios to 2005 (see here ). I used these values together with my own visual digitization extension to 2010 in my recent post. Subsequently Lucia drew my attention to a digital version of the NASA data placed online at realclimate here , referenced in a realclimate […]

realclimate on Loehle

RealClimate has a good discussion of problems with Loehle 2007: link, linking to JEG’s discussion but not to discussion here. Update: Luboš has a discussion here. In some cases, RC non-linking to climateaudit is mere pettiness, but, in this particular case, they cite information on Loehle that was initially made available at climateaudit. In this […]

Eli Rabett Explains Why RealClimate Scientists Can't Update the Proxies

realclimate apologist Eli Rabett explained at Tamino why real climate scientists haven’t updated the bristlecones: You hike out to the ass end of nowhere, take a core (from the right tree, and bring it back. Now you have to analyze it. . . . . . Sure sounds like a lot of work for a […]

Red Noise at realclimate

realclimate today has a post How Red are My Proxies? which is so weird it’s worthy of Rasmus. (Note: see lsubsequent comment here). They discuss the autocorrelation properties of North American tree ring proxies, something about which I know a lot. They say: Using data from the North American network of seventy sets of tree […]

Realclimate on O&B

There’s been a relatively lively discussion at realclimate here on O&B . I’ve got a couple of thoughts for now on (1) the independence of authors and (2) differences between datasets – two issues which I’ve frequently discussed.

A realclimate Advisory

Warning – a serious discussion has unexpectedly broken out at realclimate. See comments 84 and 85 here. I don’t think that the IID team is faring very well.

More on realclimate on Cohn and Lins

Let’s look again at what Rasmus was saying before Gavin sent him to the end of the bench. He argued that Cohn and Lins were sucking and blowing by calibrating the autocorrelation on instrumental records, which themselves contained a trend. Gavin endorsed this position. On the face of it, this seems like a plausible criticism. […]

Realclimate reaches 1 million hits

A few days ago, realclimate announced that they had reached 1 million hits. Congratulations to them. They’ve been in operation for 10 months – my guess is that they got off to a very fast start, which would mean that an upper estimate of their current hit rate would be 100,000 hits/month. We’re pretty close […]