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The Hockey Team and Reinhart-Rogoff

As some readers have observed, there is a lively controversy regarding an influential recent paper by Reinhart and Rogoff. Herndon et al (of Raymond Bradley’s UMass-Amhertst) concluded that RR’s conclusions depended on a bad weighting method, inexplicable exclusion of data from certain countries and years and even an Excel coding error. All the sorts of […]

More Hypocrisy from the Team

Bishop Hill draws attention to the publication of Trenberth’s comment on Spencer and Braswell 2011 in Remote Sensing. Unlike Trenberth’s presentation to the American Meteorological Society earlier this year (see here here here, Trenberth et al 2011 was not plagiarized. The review process for Trenberth was, shall we say, totally different than the review process […]

Team Policy on Acknowledgements

After CA reported Trenberth’s lifting of text from Hasselmann 2010 verbatim or near-verbatim either without citation or, in the one citation, a citation that was inadequate given the lengthy near-verbatim quotation, Trenberth moved quickly to cooper up his presentation against plagiarism allegations by inserting citations to Hasselmann 2010, responding to each of the incidents reported […]

McKitrick and Nierenberg 2010 Rebuts Another Team Article

McKitrick and Nierenberg 2010, rebutting Schmidt 2009 is in press at the Journal of Economic and Social Measurement. Schmidt (Int J of Climatology) 2009, which commented on McKitrick and Michaels 2007, was peer reviewed by Phil Jones (the puffball review is in the Climategate documents); McKitrick was not given a chance to comment. In contrast, […]

How Anthony Watts Handled Team Plagiarism

Anthony has an instructive post on how he handled a plagiarism incident involving NOAA. Anthony writes: Readers may recall this post: More dirty pool by NCDC’s Karl, Menne, and Peterson …where I take NCDC to task for not given proper attribution to the and volunteer Russ Steele for use of a photo on the […]

The Team Defends Paleo-Phrenology

Hansen’s twin pit bulls, Tamino and Gavin, have launched into a spirited defence of Mannian paleo-phrenology at realclimate here, with a counter-discussion at Bishop Hill here.

The Team That Can’t Shoot Straight

Minutes after the Team announced its members, with Team captain Muir Russell emphasizing their impartiality, a commenter at Bishop Hill posted up an interview between Team member Philip Campbell, editor of Nature, in which he told Chinese radio that there was nothing to see here and people should just move along. INTERVIEWER: I think you […]

Muir Russell and the Team

A webpage on the Muir Russell Inquiry materialized today here. I learned of this development from Bishop Hill’s blog here. The work plan is described here, saying that they plan to operate “openly and transparently”. They didn’t mention whether they had interviewed Jones, Briffa, Osborn, but, from talking to an English reporter, it’s my understanding […]

National Domestic Extremism Team

Bishop Hill reports here that he was advised today that the UK National Domestic Extremism Team has been called in by the Norfolk Constabulary. Bishop Hill reports the following statement: Norfolk Constabulary continues its investigations into criminal offences in relation to a data breach at the University of East Anglia. During the enquiry officers have […]

Team Responses to MM2003

As I mentioned the other day, it’s very interesting for me to re-read the responses of Team members to the publication of MM2003. While Mann, Briffa and Bradley all start shooting bullets in every direction, Osborn’s reaction is thoughtful and nuanced and I urge readers to read it in full. Unfortunately, the Team paid little […]