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Bürger and Cubasch Discussion

I hope that you are following the lively discussion about Burger and Cubasch at Climates of the Past here , where Mann aka Anonymous Referee #2 is carrying on in a quite extraodinary way. I’ll probably try to weigh in over there at some point. The dialogue has exploded fairly quickly and I’ve collated some […]

Reconciling Zorita

Eduardo Zorita and I are in the process of reconciling some results. We have taken one issue off the table – VZ implemented Mannian PCs accurately enough that this does not account for any differences between our results and theirs. So I take back some observations and I’ll place updates in appropriate places. In fairness […]

Eduardo Zorita Comments…

Eduardo Zorita sent the following in as a comment on earlier postings. As I did on a similar occasion with Rob Wilson, I’m re-posting this as a separate post on its own to ensure that it’s properly noted.

Wahl, Ritson and Ammann on VZGT

Wahl, Ritson and Ammann, the authors of two rejected comments on MM05 to GRL – see here and here for our Replies to the rejected comments – have joined forces and pulished a critical comment on Von Storch et al [2004] in Science, to which von Storch et al have issued a Reply. realclimate has […]

VZ and Huybers Comment and Reply

The von Storch and Zorita Comment and the Huybers Comment, together with our replies, were published by GRL this week. I previously posted up on VZ here and on Huybers here, here and here and have nothing to add at this time. Original copies of VZ is here; our Reply is here; Huybers’ comment is […]

Reply to von Storch and Zorita

As I’ve mentioned before, the Von Storch and Zorita Comment was accepted by GRL and will appear soon. Von Storch has been very courteous to us both in public and private and it has been a pleasant exercise replying to their Comment (as opposed to wading through the bile of Ammann and Wahl.) They are […]

Take a Ritalin, Dave

The Team have snarled back at Wegman here . They’ve posted up an August 16, 2006 letter from David Ritson to Waxman, accusing Wegman of not responding with a request for information that had been outstanding for almost 3 weeks (?!?) . Yes, you read it right. Jeez, I’ve been waiting almost three years for […]

Some Principal Components Illustrations

TCO has been pressing about the exact impact of various properties of the MBH PC methodology, asking some "elementary" questions about PC impact. Some readers have criticized him for in effect asking for a tutorial on PC methods. However, if someone asked: where can I find an article showing the statistical properties of PC methods […]

Ammann at AGU: the Answer

OK, back to Ammann at AGU, his answer to the cross-validation R2 and my offer to him after our lunch. I think that asking for the cross-validation R2 was a good one-bite question at several different levels. First, it’s objective and any prevarications are noticeable to the audience. Second, you can get to the point […]