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Moberg+ Satellite

Here is an interesting splice of Moberg and satellite data. Blue is Moberg, grey is Moberg error bars, red is instrumental, all downloaded from the Nature SI; purple is satellite. At right is the post-1850 blow-up. You can see that the post-1980 satellite temperatures are high but not off the charts relative to Moberg’s reconstruction.

Moberg #5: Arabian Sea glob. bulloides

One of the two strongest contributors to higher temperatures in Moberg’s 20th century proxies is higher incidence of subpolar glob. bulloides

Moberg #4: Lake Tsuolbmajavri

Moberg et al. [2005] use the July temperature reconstruction of Korhola et al. [2000] using Lake Tsoulbmajavri diatoms as one of 11 low-frequency proxies, as shown in Figure 4 of Korohla et al. reproduced below. There is obviously nothing in this reconstruction that is inconsistent with a pre-hockey stick view of climate history. . (Original) […]

Post-1980 Proxies #3: Chesapeake Bay Mg/Ca

The Chesapeake Bay Mg/Ca proxy goes to late 1995 and is used in both Moberg et al [2005] and Mann and Jones [2003] for the proxy reconstructions up to 1980. Figure 1 below shows that its post-1980 behavior does not show an exceptional response to supposedly unprecedented temperature. Figure 1. Chesapeake Bay Spring SST. Re-plotted […]

Collation of Moberg Data

I’ve written a script in R to collate Moberg data from original sources (plus 3 collations of tree ring site chronologies which I’d done previously and 1 digitized version sent to me). This is a working document and subject to change as more information becomes available, but is posted here in case other people are […]

Moberg #3: Some First Comments

I’ve collated public versions of Moberg data to the extent possible and have posted up some comments from a first inspection of the data, including the apparent avoiding of ice core dO18 series, prominent in Hockey Team studies. I’ll post up a script collating the data into R if anyone’s interested. Moberg doesn’t directly use […]

Moberg et al [2005] #2

Moberg et al. [2005] was published today in Nature. It is an almost unique study because none of the authors are on the Hockey Team (although Moberg has co-authored with Jones in the past) and is virtually the first somewhat independent multiproxy study. The figures in the study are small-scale and the instrumental record is […]

Moberg et al. [2005]

I’ve heard rumors that a new reconstruction from Moberg et al. is about to be published in Nature and it looks like it’s going to be more bad news for Mann et al. Here is a clip from a PDF posted up by Moberg in October 2004, but obviously not incorporated into the spaghetti diagrams […]