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Briffa’s Avam-Taimyr Series

Before continuing with Yamal, I’m going to make a little detour through the Avam-Taimyr series, the measurement data to which was also archived at the same time as the Yamal data. Taimyr, also originating in Briffa 2000, has been another staple of Team reconstructions in the past 10 years, but doesn’t have a HS pattern. […]

Fresh Data on Briffa’s Yamal #1

A few days ago, I became aware that the long-sought Yamal measurement data url had materialized at Briffa’s website – after many years of effort on my part and nearly 10 years after its original use in Briffa (2000).

Briffa and Sodankyla Church

The old Sodankyla church was built in 1689. Nine cores from beams at this church have been measured and archived. Briffa 2008 used one of 9 cores. Why only one of 9? Your guess is as good as mine.

Phil. Trans. B

I have some happier news to report from Phil Trans B, which, unlike the International Journal of Climatology, has a data policy and takes it seriously. Phil Trans B is a science journal published by the Royal Society as opposed to a climate science journal published by the Royal Meteorological Society. Last summer, I reported […]

So How'd They Do That?

Question One of my follow-up FOI questions on Oct 31, 2008 about the gridded Briffa et al MXD data was the following: I examined Gridbox 7(132.5E 72.5N) in more detail. It contains one series: omoloyla. The gridded series (#7) has values from 1400-1991, but the underlying omoloyla chronology at ITRDB only goes from 1496 to […]

Another Brick in the Wall

After years of effort, the chronologies of Briffa et al 2001 were recently made public, although the date on which these became public is itself clouded in mystery. [Update – this minor mystery is clarified: it looks like the data was unlocked on Sep 9, 2008, the day after my FOI request but before my […]

More on the Gridded MXD Data

We’ve noted that Briffa’s gridded MXD has high correlations to temperature, much higher than run-of-mill proxies. We’ve also noted that Mann (like Briffa) truncated this data at 1960 because of divergence. At the time that Mann et al 2008, the gridded MXD data was not available anywhere – Mann cited a webpage as follows: The […]

More on the MXD Data Set

On Sep 9, 2008, I sent an FOI request to the University of East Anglia, requesting a copy of the MXD data set as provided to Mann et al. Today (Oct 2, 2008), I was notified that they would provide this data and, sure enough the data is now posted (Oct 2, 2008) at […]

Mann 2008: the Briffa MXD Network

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. The SI for MBH (and Mann et al 2007) had incorrect geographic locations for numerous proxies. The same error is repeated in Mann et al 2008, a defect encountered by Jeff Id and myself in trying to replicate reported correlations to gridcell temperatures. Nearly 100 […]

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? Re-Mix.

There’s an amusing little incident with the deleted “original” data set that was posted up for a few minutes at Mann’s website – you know, the data set that was first demonstrably referenced by a CA reader in the early morning of Sep 5. (I’ll reserve comment for now on issues relating to the timestamp […]