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More on the Iconography of IPCC 1990 Figure 7

As a mild break from Lewandowsky’s fake data and false results, I am going to revisit IPCC 1990 Figure 7, which I discussed in several Climate Audit posts from 2005-2008 – a topic that was raised at Lewandowsky’s blog by conspiracy theorist John Mashey, who, rather than confronting the problems of Lewandowsky’s use of fake […]

Scotland Yard Interviewed

The Norfolk Constabulary report a “sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack on the CRU’s data files, carried out remotely via the internet”. CA sources have learned that UK police believe that the plan was carried out by a “mindermast”. The insidious methods of a mindermast are revealed in the interview below. here Update: Police Q&A here. […]

“Building Trust” and FOI Refusals

Judy Curry has written many posts on “climate communications”, linking to a small academic industry to which Andy Revkin, Keith Kloor and others pay attention to. Whenever I read one of these articles, I cannot help thinking that academic concepts of “communication” are forged far too much by their day-to-day experience with essentially captive audiences […]

Varves: To Log or Not to Log

The majority of Kaufman’s varvochronology proxies are various functions of varve thickness – which, if anything, seem more problematic than sediment BSi. While Kaufman’s offering memorandum to NSF promised consistency, the handling of varve thicknesses in the various selections seems to be anything but. Kaufman et al 2009 gives no hint of the varied functional […]

The Kaufman Backstory

The backstory to the development of the Kaufman et al 2009 reconstruction is pretty interesting. A few years ago (after the MM criticisms of paleoclimate reconstructions), the US National Science Foundation sponsored the sampling of 30 Arctic lakes in a standardized way. It’s remarkable to compare the original population to the data sets used in […]

Trouet et al 2009 – More Info

On April 10, I was notified by NOAA that a little bit of data from Trouet was now online at NOAA WDCP. The archive is the absolute minimum; even Science would require them to archive this data if asked. However, it is totally inadequate for replication. However, every little bit of data helps and here’s […]

Its a Mystery!

Ok, coffee break’s over, back on your heads! Let’s get back to business here… I like puzzles. They provide no end of intellectual entertainment – and there is a thrill with figuring out the solution, particularly if the solution is done in a particularly elegant fashion. A good source of puzzles seems to be climate […]

OK, What Caused the Problem?

Are you like me and a little puzzled as to exactly how the GHCN-GISS problem happened? GISS blamed their supplier (NOAA GHCN). Unfortunately NOAA’s been stone silent on the matter. I checked the Russian data at and there was nothing wrong with it. Nor is there anything wrong at GHCN-Daily for stations reporting there. […]

Data Smoothing and Spurious Correlation

Allan Macrae has posted an interesting study at ICECAP. In the study he argues that the changes in temperature (tropospheric and surface) precede the changes in atmospheric CO2 by nine months. Thus, he says, CO2 cannot be the source of the changes in temperature, because it follows those changes. Being a curious and generally disbelieving […]

MBH98-Style Pseudo-Confidence Intervals for Loehle

The position at ClimateAudit is that error bars in MBH98 are incorrectly calculated and “pseudo science” and that no one knows how the error bars in MBH99 were calculated (not just Me, Jean S, UC but also von Storch) and these error bars are also “pseudo science”. Notwithstanding this view, UC has posted up MBH98-style […]