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Marcott Monte Carlo

So far, the focus of the discussion of the Marcott et al paper has been on the manipulation of core dates and their effect on the uptick at the recent end of the reconstruction. Apologists such as “Racehorse” Nick have been treating the earlier portion as a given. The reconstruction shows that mean global temperature […]

April Fools’ Day for Marcott et al

Q. Why did realclimate publish the Marcott FAQ on Easter Sunday? A. Because if they’d waited until Monday, everyone would have thought it was an April Fools’ joke.

Lewandowsky Doubles Down

Last fall, Geoff Chambers and Barry Woods established beyond a shadow of a doubt that no blog post linking to the Lewandowsky survey had ever been published at the Skeptical Science (SKS) blog. Chambers reasonably suggested at the time that the authors correct the claim in the article to reflect the lack of any link […]

More Deception in the Lewandowsky Data

As CA readers are aware, the Lewandowsky survey was conducted at stridently anti-skeptic blogs (Deltoid, Tamino etc.) and numerous responses purporting to be from “skeptics” were actually from anti-skeptics fraudulently pretending to be skeptics. To date, most of the focus has been on the fake responses in which respondents, pretending to be “skeptics”, deceptively pretended […]

Trying (Unsuccessfully) to Replicate Lewandowsky

Is Lewandowsky et al 2012 (in press) replicable? Not easily and not so far. Both Roman M and I have been working on it without success so far. Here’s a progress report (on the first part only).

The SkS “Link” to the Lewandowsky Survey

Lewandowsky et al stated that “links were posted on 8 blogs (with a pro-science science stance but with a diverse audience”. Lewandowsky identified the eight blogs (in an email to Barry Woods) as: Skeptical Science, Tamino, Bickmore, the UU-UNO Clmate Change Task Force (trunity), Ill Considered, Mandia, Deltoid and Hot Topic. The relevant posts at […]

Lewandowsky’s Fake Results

In addition to Lewandowsky using fake data, many of Lewandowsky’s results, including the result in his title, are fake as well. Lewandowsky’s claimed yesterday that their “results withstand skeptical scrutiny”, but this claim is untrue .

Anatomy of the Lewandowsky Scam

The recent article by Lewandowsky et al, “NASA faked the moon landing, Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science”, has attracted commentary at Jo Nova, Bishop Hill, WUWT, Lucia’s and Skeptical Science, as well as by Lewandowsky himself. The data was placed online at Bishop Hill here. Tom […]

The First Difference Method

Over on WUWT (, Zeke Hausfarther and Steven Mosher have been discussing the calculation of global temperature from station data. They list several methods of combining records, noting that most of the major indices use the Common Anomalies Method (CAM). They mention, but do not discuss, the First Differences Method (FDM). In fact, FDM is […]

Mosher on Gavin’s “Frustration”

Mosher writes in: