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CRU Refuses FOI Request for Yamal Climategate Chronology

Probably no single issue damages the reputation of the climate science community more than the refusal to show the data that supports their work, even under an FOI request. The public believes that scientists who purport to be concerned about the future of the planet should not place their own financial interests, including future grants, […]

Mother Jones on Climategate

Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones on Climategate here. The article discusses me and the climate blogs in relatively measured terms. However, the headline is another unscientific fantasy from the climate community (quoting Michael Mann): How climate science became the target of “the best-funded, best-organized smear campaign by the wealthiest industry that the Earth has ever […]

Assange on Climategate

Jeff Id links to a YouTube video of WikiLeaks’ Assange making a variety of untrue or inflated claims about Climategate and WikiLeaks’ role. Assange falsely claimed that the Climategate emails were broken by WikiLeaks. This is obviously untrue as CA readers know. I can date WikiLeaks’ entry by contemporary comments. The first notice of the […]

“Philosophy of Science and Climategate”

The Twenty-Second Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association in Montreal, Quebec (not far from Toronto) on November 4-6, 2010. Presenters were from all over North America and Europe. One session was entitled “The CRU E-mails: Perspectives from Philosophy of Science”, chaired by Kathleen Okruhlik (University of Western Ontario), where Naomi Oreskes was one […]

Swedish Documentary on Climategate

Here is an interesting Swedish documentary on Climategate, with some of the first footage of Jones, who, as has been observed from time to time, looks quite frail from the experience. At least half is in English and you can follow it without Swedish. The image of the words “hide the decline” is a motif […]

Climategate Inquiries

Andrew Montford’s review of the Climategate Inquiries is released today and is online here. Ross McKitrick’s is online here.

Report from the Climategate Guardian debate

Via Maurizio Morabito Report From Climategate Guardian Debate with Monbiot, McIntyre, Pearce, Watson, Keenan and some uea guy As posted by Latimer Alder in my previous post: Just back from the Climategate debate run by the Guardian tonight. We’re assured that the Guardian website will have a full video of the whole proceeding sometime tomorrow. So […]

Climategate and the EPA Endangerment Finding

While considerable attention has been paid by me and others to the cozy UK “inquiries”, Climategate is featuring prominently in another not-so-cozy forum in the US, though the connection has not been articulated to a larger audience. A June 18 article in the New York Times reports: Three judges issued an order (pdf) Wednesday that […]

BP’s Hayward and the Climategate Inquiry

Last week, in the wake of the BP fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico, I wondered whether David Eyton, BP Group Vice President, Research and Technology, and former Vice President of BP’s Gulf of Mexico Deepwater, didn’t or shouldn’t have something more important to do than wade through CRU emails – like, say, R&D into […]

BP and the Climategate Inquiry

Four weeks ago, how many of you knew that BP was the largest oil and gas producer in the United States – larger than ExxonMobil? Put up your hands. Nobody? I didn’t either. How many of you had seen BP’s green advertisements – “beyond petroleum”, wind turbines turning lazily in a summer breeze – sort […]