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SST Revisions and Hurricanes

Judith Curry writes: we are obviously interested in the implications of this SST issue for hurricanes.

Wahl and Ammann 2007 and IPCC Deadlines

In a previous post, I’ve observed some oddities in connection with the dating of Wahl and Ammann 2007 and with Schneider’s obfuscation when asked to explain how an article supposedly accepted on March 1, 2006 could cite an article that had not even been submitted until August 2006. (BTW, I note that Journal of Climate […]

Off to Georgia Tech

I’m going to Georgia Tech for a couple of days at the kind invitation of JEG (Julien Emile-Geay) and Judith Curry. I’ll be presenting at their Friday afternoon EAS seminar series ( (3:30 to 4:30), which is geared towards a broad scientific audience. In addition, I’ll be spending time with each of the protagonists, plus […]

IPCC on Radiative Forcing #1: AR1(1990)

As an innocent bystander to the climate debates a couple of years ago, I presumed that IPCC would provide a clear exposition of how doubled CO2 actually leads to 2.5-3 deg C. The exposition might involve considerable detail on infra-red radiation since that’s relevant to the problem, but I presumed that they would provide a […]

Vecchi and Soden

Here is Judith Curry’s review.

Pseudoproxies in Mann et al 2007

Judith Curry and JEG have expressed an interest in talking about Mann et al 2007, Robustness of proxy-based climate field reconstruction methods, JGR pdf. This is successor article to Mann et al, 2005, Testing the Fidelity of Methods Used in Proxy-Based Reconstructions of Past Climate, pdf. Looking past the annoying and amusing faults, here are some […]

Mann et al 2007 Precipitation Teleconnections

Judith Curry suggested that we talk a little about Mann et al 2007 available here . I noted its publication last summer when Jean S and UC made some remarks about it. It has an extensive SI with code here and, in fairness to Mann, there is a serious attempt at documenting his work in […]

Emile-Geay and Verification r2 Statistics

Julien Emile-Geay from Judith Curry’s university – who, together with Kim Cobb, is teaching a course on the Hockey Stick – has joined our debate with a forceful criticism of Craig Loehle’s recent paper. While Emile-Geay seems to be a lively young man with some very cordial comments about CA here and his comments are […]

Bill Gray and the Atlantic Meridional Mode

Bill Gray was credited by Chris Landsea in his WMO and WTC presentations as the person who discovered the link between El Nino and Atlantic hurricanes. He recently suggesting a connection between Atlantic hurricanes and fluctuations in the world ocean conveyor. Judith Curry told the WSJ that Gray has “brain fossilization” and “nobody except a […]

Paul Linsay's Poisson Fit

Paul Linsay contributes the following: Using Landsea’s data from here, plus counts of 15 and 5 hurricanes in 2005 and 2006 respectively, I plotted up the yearly North Atlantic hurricane counts from 1945 to 2004 and added error bars equal to as is appropriate for counting statistics. The result is in Figure 1. Figure 1. […]