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When the Team is on the Move

When the Team is on the move, they can sometimes move with surprising speed, as you’ll see in today’s story. Over the last month, we’ve seen multiple changes to the Mann SI, at first, without any notice. More recently, they’ve started to note the existence of changes, though, the changes themselves are typically not reported […]

Another Assignment for the EAS8001 Mission Impossible Team

Mission Impossible Team, here’s your assignment today. Unfortunately you failed your last assignment: replicating Mann’s claimed correlations. But that probably was impossible. Today your assignment is probably possible, but is a dangerous expedition into the dark underground – into the terrifying world of Mannian RegEM. Courage and perseverance will be required. You may not return […]

The USHCN Basketball Team

This is the climatological station of record for Odessa, Washington. It is at the residence of a COOP weather observer administered by NOAA. The photo was taken by volunteer surveyor Bob Meyer. In addition to the proximity to the house and the asphalt being less than the 100 foot published NOAA standard, we have […]

More Unreplicable Claims by the Team

I was planning a new post on the truncation of the inconvenient 20th century downturn in the Briffa 2001 graphic in the IPCC graphic, that I observed some time ago here. Since data truncation is in the news, I was going to update the graphic in this post to better show just how cynical the […]

The Team and Pearl Harbor

One of the Team’s more adventurous assumptions in creating temperature histories is that there was an abrupt and universal change in SST measurement methods away from buckets to engine inlets in 1941, coinciding with the U.S. entry into World War II. As a result, Folland et al introduced an abrupt adjustment of 0.3 deg C […]

The Team versus Stott et al 2004

The Team (at both realclimate and NOAA) have stated in the strongest possible terms that the Holocene Optimum was restricted to summer in the NH extratropics. Reviewing their positions, realclimate here The [Holocene Optimum] is a somewhat outdated term used to refer to a sub-interval of the Holocene period from 5000-7000 years ago during which […]

Team Euro Code

Team Euro’s CPD submission online here has done a commendable job archiving data in their supplementary information online here . It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a big improvement in practices in the field. So while they’ve chosen to unfairly disparage my own efforts in respect to source code, perhaps one can construe the […]

Potential Academic Misconduct by the Euro Team

I raise here a troubling issue pertaining to potential academic misconduct by the Euro Hockey Team. They stated: The code used by MM2005 [the GRL article] is not, at the time of writing, available, …. First, this statement is obviously untrue. The code used in McIntyre and McKitrick 2005 is available at the SI to […]

The Euro Team and the SWM Network

Principal components do not necessarily have an orientation. However, when you are making principal components from networks of tree ring widths, it’s a good idea to try to think about physical interpretations. Here’s a funny example where the Euro Hockey Team has lost its way. They observe the following: for the proxy principal components in […]

The Euro Hockey Team and Yamal

Readers of this blog are familiar with the Yamal subsitution. Briefly, Briffa et al 1995 reported in Nature that 1032 was the coldest year of the millennium based on no more than 3 poorly dated and short cores in the 11th century. Subsequently new cores were dated to the 11th century by Schweingruber, resulting in […]