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Lewandowsky’s Backdating

In today’s post, I want to discuss Lewandowsky’s backdating of the blogpost in which he purported to “out” four skeptics, a claim that he re-iterated and embellished in a subsequent academic article, Lewandowsky et al (Fury). In response to a recent FOI request by Simon Turnill, the University of Western Australia stated that, based on […]

The Hockey Team and Reinhart-Rogoff

As some readers have observed, there is a lively controversy regarding an influential recent paper by Reinhart and Rogoff. Herndon et al (of Raymond Bradley’s UMass-Amhertst) concluded that RR’s conclusions depended on a bad weighting method, inexplicable exclusion of data from certain countries and years and even an Excel coding error. All the sorts of […]

Acton and Muir Russell at Tribunal

Tomorrow (15 January 2013), the Information Tribunal will hear David Holland’s appeal of the ICO decision (FER0387012 ) regarding the connection of the Muir Russell Review and UEA in respect to FOI legislation (see FOI correspondence here.) Both Muir Russell and UEA Vice Chancellor Acton are scheduled to appear. The hearing is at Court Room […]

A Belated SI for D’Arrigo et al 2006

The other day, I noticed that the long dormant WDCP supplementary information (and here) for D’Arrigo et al 2006, of which Rob Wilson is a coauthor, had been updated on April 30, 2012. In 2005, D’Arrigo et al (then under review at JGR) had been cited by IPCC AR4. At the time, as an IPCC […]

More on the Iconography of IPCC 1990 Figure 7

As a mild break from Lewandowsky’s fake data and false results, I am going to revisit IPCC 1990 Figure 7, which I discussed in several Climate Audit posts from 2005-2008 – a topic that was raised at Lewandowsky’s blog by conspiracy theorist John Mashey, who, rather than confronting the problems of Lewandowsky’s use of fake […]

More on Screening in Gergis et al 2012

First, let’s give Gergis, Karoly and coauthors some props for conceding that there was a problem with their article and trying to fix it. Think of the things that they didn’t do. They didn’t arrange for a realclimate hit piece, sneering at the critics and saying Nyah, nyah, what about the hockey stick that Oerlemans […]


In the FOI request under appeal, one of the two outstanding issues is my request for a copy of the Wahl and Ammann version, as submitted to Lead Author Briffa and used in the AR4 First Draft. East Anglia has argued that Briffa received the article under conditions of ordinary academic confidentiality. My counter-argument is […]

Checking In

Sorry for both the radio silence and the lack of notice. No one reason, but a combination of things. As I mentioned in passing about five weeks ago, I was sick for a while. Nothing serious, just a seasonal cold/flu. But it totally sapped all my energy for about two weeks. I’d mostly recovered about […]

An unusual acknowledgement within the academic world

Dr UK writes in about an interesting article about ad hominems in the Climategate emails Ad hominem arguments in the service of boundary work among climate scientists By Lawrence Souder, Furrah Qureshi In their conclusions, Souder and Qureshi contrast the behaviour of climate scientists revealed in the Climategate emails with that of gravity wave scientists […]

Co-Opting the US Department of Energy

Maxim Lott of Fox News has an interesting article drawing attention to the co-opting of US Department of Energy funders by CRU and their associates – co-opting in the sense that the US Department of Energy totally failed to ensure that their grant procedures complied with US federal policy for requiring grantees to archive data. […]