Statistics and R

Some links that I’m going to add to from time to time: Nice introduction to statistical uses

R Graphics Gallery many interesting graphics

John Verzani, Using R for Introductory Statistics An excellent introduction to both R and statistics.


Decision Science News has created a video tutorial on how to get started using the R Language for Statistical Computing. Topics covered include:
o Downloading and installing R in Windows
o The R graphical user interface
o Viewing the graphics demo
o Vectors and basic stats
o Simple plotting

Grant Farnsworth, Econometrics in R, Econometrics has been far more attentive to autocorrelation issues than paleoclimate, but the data issues have a lot in common.

Fitting Distributions in R

Steve Simon Professor Mean’

DEmusure says:
Steve, html formatting is standard to R (examples below). You can automagically generate layouts with tables & graphs then cut & paste the HTML code in WordPress.

xy=cbind(c(1981:2000), c(1:10))
HTML(xy, file=tmpfile)

Another example using CSS formatting to harmonize your presentations
HTML(as.title(“Fisher Iris dataset”),file=tmpfic)
HTML(iris, file=tmpfic)

download documentation with example here :


I started with Using R for Introductory Statistics by John Verzani and then transitioned to The R Book by Michael Crawley for a more detailed understanding of R. I also bought a book called The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, as I am visual learner. R is used a lot here and relearning basic stats with R will be big help if you become a regular at Climate Audit.:


  1. Mike Rankin
    Posted Feb 23, 2006 at 11:39 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Steve or others – Help! Is there a source of the R system other than by download from the internet? I have only dial up access and a recent history of slow speed and lost connections. The Windows version I was looking for is over 25M.

  2. Jim Erlandson
    Posted Apr 9, 2006 at 11:09 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Decision Science News has a Learn About R page which includes a search tool.

    Searching for information on R can be difficult (though Baron’s R search tool is a great help), so DSN has put together a search widget that only queries R sites:

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