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Upside Down Tiljander in Japan

Some Japanese articles have been in the news recently. CA readers will be interested in the fact that CA was cited (thanks to a CA reader for the heads up). Here’s a graphic from their SI showing differences between Gaspé versions. As CA readers know, similar discrepancies occur for bristlecones between Ababneh and Graybill or […]

It’s Saturday Night Live

When you’re trading in puts and calls (or derivatives), it’s important to know the sign of the relationship between the value of the derivative and the market. Short positions will go up in value as the market goes down. And, unfortunately, you don’t get to decide afterwards whether you wanted to be short or long. […]

Mann et al 2008: Korttajärvi

Larry Huldén writes: The Finnish lake sediments can not be used for temperature interpretations in the 18th to 20th century unless you know exactly the history of the regional lake environment conditions. We have 180,000 lakes in Finland. It is very easy to cherry pick among them and say that it is a random sample. […]