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Rose on Fortress Met Office

David Rose of the Mail places the Met Office obstruction of FOI requests squarely in the spotlight. The Met Office obstruction left a singularly bad taste with their sequence of untrue excuses for not producing John Mitchell’s Review Editor comments. First, they claimed that Mitchell had deleted all the emails concerning AR4. (This excuse came […]

John Mitchell’s Review Comments

IPCC policies state that their process is supposed to be open and transparent and that all comments are to be archived. Previously, we observed that the Lead Author Responses to our Review Comments were completely unresponsive on key issues. Under IPCC policies, the Review Editor is charged with seeing that this doesn’t happen. John Mitchell […]

“No Working Papers”, “No Correspondence”

Last year, we noted the insolent and unresponsive answers by IPCC chapter 6 Lead Authors to Review Comments in connection with the Hockey Stick reconstructions. Under IPCC policies, Review Editors have important obligations to ensure responsiveness of Chapter Authors (see policies discussed here). The comments by Review Editors were not put online by IPCC, but, […]

Did IPCC Review Editor Mitchell Do His Job?

David Holland’s FOI request for the Review Comments on IPCC AR4 Chapter 6 (Paleoclimate) has been successful, leading to David obtaining the comments, such as they are, which have now been placed online at CA here (though not yet at IPCC.) David Holland’s request was noted up here; last year, we noted the appalling response […]