Moberg et al [2005] #2

Moberg et al. [2005] was published today in Nature. It is an almost unique study because none of the authors are on the Hockey Team (although Moberg has co-authored with Jones in the past) and is virtually the first somewhat independent multiproxy study. The figures in the study are small-scale and the instrumental record is overlaid as usual to lessen the impact of these results. But look at the following Supplementary Figure from the SI:

Moberg Supplementary Figure 3
Fig. S3. Uncalibrated low-frequency component of the reconstruction (red) with its jack-knifed estimates (blue) and associated 95% confidence interval for the mean (yellow). See Supplementary Methods 1 for detailed explanation.

I’m in the process of looking through the SI and will comment more later.

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    If it were me creating this graph, and I had a desire to be honest, I would discount the accuracy of the data over time. I would do it by making the lines fatter as the go back into the past, indicating the uncertainty of older data.

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