"Independence" Of Proxy Selections

I’ve commented before on the lack of independence between authors in the supposedly "independent" multiproxy studies: Mann et al [1998, 1999], Jones et al [1998], Mann and Jones [2003], Crowley and Lowery [2000], Briffa et al [2000]. I’ve mentioned in passing that the proxies themselves are not independent, but not provided lists to show the extent of overlap. I’ve provided this information below for a few of the Hockey Team Studies. MORE

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  1. Michael
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    Have I worn out my welcome so soon? My comments are hitting the spam wall. I’d like to answer some of the comments that have been directed to me. How can I avoid the spam filter? Thanks. Michael Seward

    Steve: Don’t re-submit exactly the same thing if it’s rejected. Spam Karma treats that as spam and counts it against your IP address. Let me know instead.

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