Daily Archives: Jan 5, 2006

Trenberth on Statistics

I don’t think that people entirely appreciate the absurdity of the views of Gavin and Rasmus that consideration of persistence in climate somehow "pitches statistics against physics". If climate scientists are seeking more familiar authority for just how preposterous this claim is, they need look no further than Trenberth [1984], previously discussed on this blog […]

Demetris Koutsoyannis

I mentioned a few days ago that a serious discussion had threatened to break out at realclimate, where Demetris Koutsoyannis had posted up some astute commentary. He has recently dropped in here as well. I was unfamiliar with his work prior to this recent introduction. He has written extensively on climate, much of which has […]

To Browsing Undergraduates

Our "blogfather", realclimate, has been celebrating their one-year anniversary (congratulations to them) and have been reflecting on their year. Kenneth Blumenfeld, who’s posted here once or twice, posted an interesting comment at realclimate, about how his undergraduates were now investigating climate change issues online, that they "very badly wanted to get behind RC", but wanted […]