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Shoveling into the wind: Blizzards and global warming

Update:  Feb 14 2010:  Dana Milbank of the Washington Post provides his perspective: (emphasis mine) As a scientific proposition, claiming that heavy snow in the mid-Atlantic debunks global warming theory is about as valid as claiming that the existence of John Edwards debunks the theory of evolution. In fact, warming theory suggests that you’d see […]

It’s December 8th. You’re now looking at the NEW Climate Audit website. No need to go to CAmirror anymore. Please go to to accommodate present high volume. [3 Dec IMPORTANT NOTE: We are now exporting all CA content to a new permanent home. This will take a few hours. Please comment at CAmirror above […]

The Deleted Portion of the Briffa Reconstruction

“Hide the decline” refers to the decline in the Briffa MXD temperature reconstruction in the last half of the 20th century, a decline that called into question the validity of the tree ring reconstructions. (I’m going to analyze the letters on another occasion.) In the IPCC Third and Fourth Assessment Reports, IPCC “hid the decline” […]

Curry: On the credibility of climate research

Judy Curry writes in as follows: (please comment here)

CA Mirror

The performance of the CA server is ridiculously slow. Last March, I considered moving to a wordpress account, but was persuaded that there were so many embedded links to CA and to CA graphics to move. Thus, we continued on using our own server, which has now collapsed under a load much more modest than […]

CRU Correspondence

Words fail me. CA is VERY slow right now, but WUWT, Jeff Id and Lucia are all less affected. Tom Fuller picked up the story here

Finnish Transcript (and Video) Online

New (Nov 11) – online version with English subtitles. Transcript available here.  CA readers will recognize some of the graphics. [Jean S adds: The official online version is here (for the next seven days): (Nov 17, removed) BTW, this is the post number 2000! Congratulations, Steve!] See  

RCS Homogeneity- Esper in Jaemtland

Starting with the first of my recent posts on Yamal, I raised the issue of whether the CRU 12 actually came from a homogeneous population to the subfossil population. This issue was related to the surprisingly small sample size of the supposedly “highly replicated” Yamal chronology, but is distinct. In his online response to Yamal […]

Another Correction from Upside Down Mann

After a year of stonewalling, Mann has published an update at his “grey” Supplementary Information (not yet reported at PNAS) in which he acknowledges an “error” in his figure S8a as follows: UPDATE 4 November 2009: Another error was found in the corrected Supplementary figure S8a from December 2008: The previously posted version of the […]

Finnish TV

Jean S writes: Seems like Steve will be on Finnish TV next Monday 🙂 I guess this image is from the CA headquarters 😉 Steve: Yes, this is indeed me at CA world headquarters. 9.11.2009 Klo 20:00 MOT: Ilmastokatastrofi peruutettu Kööpenhaminan ilmastokokouksen lähestyessä kauhumaalailu ilmastokatastrofin seurauksista kiihtyy. Mediat täyttyvät uutisista, jotka kertovat jäätiköiden sulamisista, […]