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Two Minutes to Midnight

There is much in the news about how IPCC will handle the growing discrepancy between models and observations – long an issue at skeptic blogs. According to BBC News, a Dutch participant says that “governments are demanding a clear explanation” of the discrepancy. On the other hand, Der Spiegel reports: German ministries insist that it […]

IPCC Refuses to Correct Errors

Pielke Jr has an interesting post about more IPCC nonsense. He made four proposed error corrections to IPCC, all of which were refused. Which is the worst refusal is a bit of a beauty contest. On balance, I think that my favorite is their reason for refusing to correct an inaccuracy in an IPCC press […]

Stocker’s Earmark: An Update

Interesting news at Bishop Hill. A UK minister informed David Holland’s MP that the extra secrecy measures at IPCC, arising from the instigation of Phil Jones and persistence of Thomas Stocker, arose unintentionally and as a “drafting error”.

IPCC Rejects Anonymous Review

Although the IPCC calendar webpage doesn’t link to session documents of the 34th session (Kampala Nov 2011), David Holland has alertly located the documents – see here. IPCC rejected a proposal for anonymous peer review – see document here (page 12 on). We haven’t discussed this topic previously (in an IPCC context). On reflection, the […]

Geoffrey Boulton and IPCC Secrecy

Phil Jones’ written answers to the Muir Russell panel shed interesting light on the insularity of IPCC authors, who see nothing odd about a system in which reviewers do not see either author responses to their review comments or the comments of other reviewers until long after the release of the final document. Jones’ comments […]

IPCC: “Fix It or Fold It”

(Steve: Here is Ross’ excellent op ed on the IPCC from National Post. Ross’ paper is here.)

The Spoiled Child

Donna Laframboise’s book on IPCC has now been published. Available at Amazon or as pdf here for $5. The self-indulgent and petulant behavior of leaders in the climate community is one of the first things that impresses outsiders. Donna aptly uses the metaphor of a “spoiled child” to describe IPCC and the climate community. Her […]

IPCC WG3 and the Greenpeace Karaoke

On May 9, 2011, the IPCC announced (archive) Close to 80 percent of the world‘s energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century if backed by the right enabling public policies a new report shows. In accompanying interviews, IPCC officials said that the obstacles were not scientific or technological, but merely a matter of political […]

IPCC and the East Anglia Refusal

In the University of East Anglia’s recent refusal of David Holland’s FOI request for documents received by IPCC Lead Author Tim Osborn pertaining to the October 2010 IPCC meeting, the University refused many items, stating that they had received “representations from the IPCC itself in which it objected to the release of some of the […]

Another Stupid UEA Trick

On October 22, 2010, David Holland re-iterated his FOI requests 08-23 and 08-31. Once again, the University of East Anglia has refused 08-31, this time using an excuse the obtuseness of which is remarkable even for the University of East Anglia.