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IPCC Refuses to Correct Errors

Pielke Jr has an interesting post about more IPCC nonsense. He made four proposed error corrections to IPCC, all of which were refused. Which is the worst refusal is a bit of a beauty contest. On balance, I think that my favorite is their reason for refusing to correct an inaccuracy in an IPCC press […]

Peter Gleick and the Fourth Horseman

In 2009, Peter Gleick wrote: “Fear is an effective tool.” A lesson, it seems, that was not lost on Gleick himself, who used the occasion of the recent tornado outbreak to prophesy “accelerating” “death and destruction”. While Gleick’s opportunistic attempt to exploit the tornado event has been criticized (e.g. Pielke here, it seems to me […]

Gavin’s Complaint

Many bemused blog readers know by now that Gavin Schmidt aka Mystery Man has taken a few hours off from his dedicated and long-standing interest in station data integrity to file a complaint to the University of Colorado about a post that Roger Jr wrote about the Gavin Affair. Gavin has refused Pielke permission to […]

Pielke Jr on IPCC Predictions

Excellent post by Pielke Jr here

More Commentary #2: Kevin Vanes

Kevin Vanes writes at Roger Pielke’s site: The WSJ highlights what Regaldo and McIntyre says is Mann’s resistance or outright refusal to provide to inquiring minds his data, all details of his statistical analysis, and his code. The WSJ’s anecdotal treatment of the subject goes toward confirming what I’ve been hearing for years in climatology […]