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Feedback on the work of McIntyre and McKitrick

Report from the Climategate Guardian debate

Via Maurizio Morabito Report From Climategate Guardian Debate with Monbiot, McIntyre, Pearce, Watson, Keenan and some uea guy As posted by Latimer Alder in my previous post: Just back from the Climategate debate run by the Guardian tonight. We’re assured that the Guardian website will have a full video of the whole proceeding sometime tomorrow. So […]

Live Microblogging the GWPF with Steve

I’m doing some housekeeping in Steve’s absence. Maurizio Morabito attended the conference with Steve McIntyre and David Holland today, and has some short notes on the conference here. When/if video is available of the press conference, it will be posted here and at WUWT. – Anthony

Hand “Praised” McIntyre of Climate Audit

Lousie Gray of the DT reports Prof Hand praised the blogger Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit for uncovering the fact that inappropriate methods were used which could produce misleading results. Stranger and stranger. Unfortunately, Oxburgh “regrettably” “neglected” to mention this in his report. Maybe this is a little more schizophrenic than it appeared at first […]

Opening Night Reviews in the UK Press

Richard Drake sent in an interesting selection of opening night reviews for the Parliamentary Inquiry from UK parliamentary reporters, most of whom seem to be new to the climate wars and offering a relatively fresh perspective. Here are some excerpts as a teaser – the originals are accessible and recommended. Quentin Letts in the Daily […]

Hometown Coverage

There’s another story about climate blogs in the Toronto Globe and Mail – one of my neighbors told me while I was walking out to Danforth Ave that Gavin had paid me a backhanded compliment – probably more emphasis on the backhand than the compliment. See here. While Schmidt complains that I’m supposedly causing a […]

Kerry Emanuel Boston Globe Opinion: Climate Changes Are Proven Fact

Dr. Kerry Emanuel from MIT wades into the climate change debate with an opinion piece in the Boston Globe.  Dr. Emanuel has not been particularly outspoken on the climate change topic but has from time to time participated in debates and forums that have provided an opportunity to opine.  On the heels of Hurricane Katrina, […]

Say My Name – February Rerun

Science has published a Correction and Clarification to Kaufman et al (2009), see here. Since they only needed to correct four out of 23 proxies, there is no need to name those who pointed out errors. 😉 There is a small improvement over the draft version though; congratulations Hu! We thank H. McCulloch and others […]

The IPCC’s Love Guru

You can’t make this stuff up. Rajendra Pachauri was apparently too busy to check into glaciergate problems in December. We now know why. Instead of proofreading climate articles, Pachauri has been busy launching a softcore novel about the sexual adventures of a climate expert in his late 60s ( WUWT here, Telegraph here, Indian Times […]

Climategate on Finnish TV

As a couple of Finnish readers have reported, there is an excellent Finnish Climategate documentary with English subtitles available on Youtube. (I have a couple of cameos from my pre-Climategate interview).

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