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Replicating McShane and Wyner

R coder mind of a Markov chain has replicated portions of the M&W work. They write: There are a bunch of “hockey sticks” that calculate past global temps. through the use of proxies when instrumental data is absent. There is a new one out there by McShane and Wyner (2010) that’s creating quite a stir […]

Signal to Noise Ratio Estimates of Mann08 Temperature Proxy Data

Guest post by Jeff Id from The Air Vent (used by invitation) Occasionally when working on one thing long enough, you discover something unexpected that allows you to take a step forward in understanding.  At the ICCC conference, I met Steve McIntyre and took time to ask him how come Mann07 “Robustness of proxy-based climate […]

Report from the Climategate Guardian debate

Via Maurizio Morabito Report From Climategate Guardian Debate with Monbiot, McIntyre, Pearce, Watson, Keenan and some uea guy As posted by Latimer Alder in my previous post: Just back from the Climategate debate run by the Guardian tonight. We’re assured that the Guardian website will have a full video of the whole proceeding sometime tomorrow. So […]

Live Microblogging the GWPF with Steve

I’m doing some housekeeping in Steve’s absence. Maurizio Morabito attended the conference with Steve McIntyre and David Holland today, and has some short notes on the conference here. When/if video is available of the press conference, it will be posted here and at WUWT. – Anthony

Cartoons by Josh – The Auditor

Bishop Hill has a cohort, Josh,  that has turned Climategate and the blogospheric response into a running series of cartoons. During his blogging sabbatical while he turned his attention to mining (not the data kind), I think Steve missed this one, so I’ll present it here. Some others of interest are:

Phil Jones called out by Swedes on data availability issue

From an emailed PRESS RELEASE on March 5, 2010 Climate scientist delivers false statement in parliament enquiry It has come to our attention, that last Monday (March 1), Dr. Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (CRU), in a hearing with the House of Commons Science and Technology […]

CA Mirror

Server performance at has become impossible. I’ve set up a mirror on wordpress. And will try to figure out how to coordinate things.

Revisiting Detroit Lakes

Some long time Climate Audit readers may remember this famous picture of the USHCN climate station of record in Detroit Lakes, MN. This is what I wrote on July 26th, 2007 about it in: How Not to Measure Temperature, Part 25 This picture, taken by volunteer Don Kostuch is the Detroit Lakes, MN USHCN climate […]

Unthreaded #38

I’ve lost track of the number of “unthreadeds” on CA, but the last one at 800 + posts is getting a bit unwieldy. So please continue here. – Anthony

The new CA server has arrived

UPDATE: 3/19 – I have the server updated with the latest distro packages, and now configured as LAMP with Apache2, MySQL5, and PHP. Working on getting WordPress installed and operational next. After that, there is quite a bit of WordPress content, plugins, and configurations to move over as well as to recreate a number of […]