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Steve's presentation at ICCC 2009

I shared a panel with Steve McIntyre at ICCC 2009, and he made his presentation publicly available. I’m providing the link here for anyone interested. If you don’t have PowerPoint 2007 on your PC, a free viewer is available here. There are also Office 2007 file compatibility updates for older versions of Office/PowerPoint available here. […]

UAH and RSS out for Feb 09, but show divergence

The UAH and RSS global temperature anomaly data was posted while Steve and I were at the ICCC in New York. I’m unable to setup a graph for these while I’m on the road, so a short table will have to do: RSS (Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa) RSS data here (RSS Data Version 3.2) […]

The Climate Audit system upgrade – help needed

Yesterday while at ICCC, I had a chance to talk with Steve McIntyre at length about the state of the Climate Audit server. As many of you know, Climate Audit failed a couple of weeks ago and was down for almost 3 days due to a hard drive failure. Even with RAID1, it didn’t prevent […]

Antarctica – digging out the data

It seems that we are all “wild about Harry” recently, and no good kerfluffle would be complete without some pictures of the weather stations in question. It seems “Harry” got buried under snow. Why is this important? Well, as anyone skilled in cold weather survival can tell you, snow makes an excellent insulator and an […]

What's the red dot?

Note: I’m having trouble publishing new posts at WUWT, so since it has been awhile since I posted at CA, I thought I’d share this puzzle with CA readers while I wait for the issue to be resolved. – Anthony A simple question; what is that red dot on the map? I was looking at […]

What a great USHCN station looks like: Tucumcari

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog showing how badly maintained and situated the stations in the USHCN network are. And rightly so, the majority of them have issues. But, finding the good ones is actually more important, because they are the ones that hold the true unpolluted temperature signal. Unfortunately, the “good […]

Estimating Station Biases and Comparing to GISS Homogeneity Adjustments

If you had the task of choosing where to put a climate monitoring thermometer here at the USHCN Climate station of record #469683 in Winfield, WV where would you choose to put it? Certainly the parking lot would not be a good choice. Maybe up in the grassy area behind the security fence? That would […]

GISS Adjusts the Heartland

One of the intrepid traveling volunteers, Eric Gamberg, has been traveling through Nebraska as of late, picking up stations as he goes. He recently visited the USHCN station of record, COOP # 256040, in North Loup, NE, not to be confused with Loup City, which he also visited. Records describe this station as being […]

Unthreaded #32

The CA server has been a bit balky this week, so I want to see if the volume of info on unthreaded #31 (768 comments) might have something to do with it by starting a new thread to see if the issues abate. Also per John A, can I recommend that contributors to Unthreaded conversations […]

Googling the lights fantastic

UPDATE – GISS LOCATIONS AND GLOBAL NIGHTLIGHTS KML DATABASE FOR GOOGLE EARTH NOW ONLINE! Thanks to data provided by Steve McIntyre and conversion skills provided by Barry Wise, we now have the first ever interactive global mapping tool for nightlight ratings and GISS stations worldwide that encompass USHCN and GHCN station locations. Download it from the surfacestations website here […]